The Sapphire Session


This new original session is designed to help you to use the energy of September to its fullest.

The warmth of the Summer is giving way to the cooler Autumn days, and a need for regulated routine is replacing the exciting adventurous energy of the summer months.

September is a month to refocus, to reflect on where you have been heading throughout this year so far, and to decide if you would like to change direction or pursue your current path.

This session will evoke the power of the Sapphire, the blue gemstone which is linked to both this month and also to Good Luck and Spiritual progression.

We will explore the path you have taken through this year together,

Decide if you still seek the goals that you began the year with

Connect with the spiritual Sapphire and receive enlightenment on your life and activate good luck for you.

Work toward raising your energy to its most positive, so you can move into the Autumn/Winter months.

Please allow at least 90 minutes for this session and be able to book in during September.