The Old Beltane Package


Spring was late arriving, and the May Flowers are only just blooming, this is a year when the original date for Beltane is the correct date! To celebrate Old Beltane, I have put together this selection of readings, each has a connection to this time of year and each will give you the inspiration and guidance you have been seeking. Included are: 

The New and Exclusive Beltane 7 Reading, this reading looks at what you think you need in your life and describes what you really need! It highlights what is holding you back and what you could embrace to help you move forward, it also will tell you who you will become if you follow the guidance given. This reading is exclusive to Indigo Witch.- (If you have already booked this reading but would like the package it can be replaced with either a Past Life Reading or A Question Answered Reading.)

A Beltane Guide Reading This is a live, online reading which will connect with your Guides and pass you their messages. If you have been seeing feathers, number sequences or any other Guide signs this reading will explain why your guides are seeking your attention.

The Spring Wishes Reading. This is a Brand New Reading and is only available in this package. This reading looks at your wishes, are they attainable? Is there obstacles in your way or do you need to clear your life of clutter to let your new dreams in? 

A Beltane Spell of your Choice This sp.ell will be cast on your behalf to fit your requirements. beltane is about Spring, new life and rebirth, abundance.fertility and love. Please choose a Spell which relates to this festival. I am happy to help advise you. 

Please ADD to your order your Spell Choice, Two Wishes for the wishes Reading and your date of birth. Also on booking please message or email me so we can schedule the live section as soon as possible.