Snow Moon Package


The energy of this years Snow Moon in February, is pleasant, it will lead you towards Abundance and Love, as you set your sites on the coming months and the rest of 2020. This package is designed to help you clarify your wishes and goals and prepare you for the next stage of progression. Included are: 

Ascension Reading. A unique and highly informative Guide connection which will open doorways, inspire your thoughts and begin to awaken you for your journey ahead. The Snow Moon is the time of awakening, this reading will be your first step.

Changes Reading: This reading will indicate where changes need to be made in order to be in a position to receive in 2020

Aura Reading with An Audio Guide Message How is your energy right now? This insight will tell you what you are experiencing energetically and how your energy is reacting.

Plus, the Full Moon Spell for Abundance Free!

Please send a quick selfie for your Aura Reading and your date of birth once you have book this package!