Samhain Gateway Reading


Would you like to use the Samhain energy to gain wisdom about your life and what is to come for you? The Samhain Gateway Reading will provide the answers for you! It includes:

What Haunts you… A look into what you carry from your past that hinders your future

What Needs to Blow Away… What you need to let go off

Your Lucky Charm… The signs which you will see that show you that you are on the right path

The Mask You Wear … How you project yourself to others, is this beneficial or destructive?

Your Halloween Treats… What you are being given by the Spirit World

Who Walks with you… Who is the spirit that watches over you?

To aid the connection with the spirit world, please send a recent photo that shows your eyes. 

This is a written reading individually prepared for you, please allow 7-10 days for delivery.

All sales are final. 

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