Psychic Developent Four Week Program - Tuesday


A Four Week Developmental Program designed to develop your Psychic skills in a safe and friendly environment.

Included are: Once weekly 90 minute  Zoom session with your group, in which we will discuss the weeks topic and enjoy a meditation designed to begin your journey to connection, and to develop your communication with your Guides and Spirits.

Entry to a private Facebook Group where you are encouraged to share your experiences and any messages that you receive or ask any questions in a safe environment with fellow students and likeminded people.

The Four Week Program:

Week One: This first session is a meet and greet session, in which we will get to know each other and share the experiences that we have had which have made us follow this spiritual path. We will also set our Spiritual goals and set our intentions in a relaxed and open way. This will be followed by a short meditation, designed to begin to raise our vibration.

Week Two: Opening and Closing to Spirit. During this session we will discuss the importance of the Chakra System. We shall cleanse, align and open the Chakras and then close them down at the end of the session. We will also align with the light, and experience the cleansing, healing and protection of the Universal Energy.

Week Three: In this session we will discuss our Guides and the role they play in our daily lives. What signs they use to communicate with us, and how we determine intuition from other emotions such as fear or anxiety. We will also talk about Gatekeepers and Guardians and their roles in our protection. This will be followed by a meditation to establish a mentally Safe Space in which we can begin to connect with our Guides.

Week Four: Following on from the previous week will revisit our Safe Space and initiate Guide contact. During this session we will speak about Psychic Protection and how this is individual. We shall also discuss some ideas on how to protect ourselves when we are spiritually connected, until we receive our personal protection from our Guides.

This session will be held at 7:30pm BST On Sunday evenings, these will be small group sessions.