Past Life Readings from the Akashic Records

£10.00 £35.00

The Akashic Records is the place where the complete history of our soul journey, to where we are today and what is coming in the future, is stored. The records contain all about our origin, our blueprint for this life and all our past lives. These records are very individual, and with careful access and full permission can be accessed and read. 

This reading will provide you with information about your past lives which has relevance to you today, and will strongly relate to your current experiences,. It may resonate with your fears, your desires or it could help you to break any repetitive cycles you are experiencing in the current life you are living. 

If you would like this insightful new reading, please book now as spaces are limited. 

This reading can be taken as an audio or as a written presentation 

This is a complex reading to complete, please allow 10 working days to receive yours . 








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