Past Karma, Clear Future


This new package is a montage of readings that will be delivered to you one per week, for the next three weeks! Included are:

Week 1: A Past Life Reading, this reading will work using your own timeline and astrological chart, and it will provide a glimpse into who you were in one of your previous incarnations. Perhaps you are carrying cellular memories from the life detailed, or you have taken vows which you are subconsciously still honoring. This Past Life Reading will help you to unravel who you were and how you are being affected now.  

Week 2: An Aura Reading! This reading will work from a recent photo of you, A quick selfie is fine! It will look at how your energy is right now. An aura reading is very enlightening, as it explains how issues and problems you are facing at this moment in time are affecting you and your health.

Week 3, A Tarot Reading, this reading will focus on what is to come for you. Knowing what is on its way will give you hope for the future, and prepare you for any obstacles that you may need to navigate in order to reach your goals. 

Please include on your order: 

Your Date Of Birth

Your place of birth

and send a recent photo or selfie to 

Each reading is written and it will be emailed to you using the address linked to your Paypal account, beginning the week beginning  27th January 2020.