Mid-Summer Delight!


How will you be celebrating the wonderful month of June? It is Midsummer, a time when Magic is afoot, and the nature spirits and the fairies wander the land. This may seem dramatic in today's modern World, but whether you are a believer or not, the magic is beginning to build. 

What do you plan for the second half of 2021? With lockdowns easing and life becoming freer what will you do next? This collection of readings should ease you into the sencond half of the year and aid your direction and add to your motivation. 

This delight contains: 

A Personal Tarotscope, A little look into the planetary energies and how they will affect you! 

An Online Reading or an Online Guide Reading - A 30 minute live connection 

Healing/Motivation Energy Work - Completed duriing the Online session.

Please add your Date, Time and Location of your birth for your Tarotscope.

Please add to your order if you would like a Guide Reading or a General Reading, also please contact me either by message at Indigo Witch or by email to indigowitch1@gmail.com to schedule your live session.