Lions Gate Package



A Lions Gate Reading;

What is the best way forward for you? How can you make the most of your life and live in an inspired and happy way? Will the Lions Gate light codes help you spiritually and if so how.  This reading will help you to find out so you can let the energy of the universe bring these events, people and opportunities to you.

 Your Personal Guide 

Connect with your guide. Your guide is an amazing soul who is completely devoted to you and how you are living your life. When times are hard he or she will help you, show you the way forward and offer you love. What signs does your guide leave for you so you know he is there for you. What is his name or how can you connect this reading will answer all these questions.

A New Moon Spell to Aid Your Progress Forward 

This spell will be completed as part of a ritual on your behalf. The aim of the spell is to help you with clarity and vision so you may find and follow your true life path.  


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