Explore Your Chakras and Heal


Are you stuck in a boring routine, or struggling to find work or happiness? Perhaps your love life is stagnant or you are not attracting prospective partners?

Your chakra system affects you in many ways and in these sessions we will visit each chakra in turn, so that you can see what you are being affected by, what events from your past that are blocking you from moving forward and you can begin to release yourself and become the person who you are truly meant to be. These sessions are healing and enlightening and each week you will begin to love yourself more and restore your drive for life and your own well being. 

We will also work on kindling the fire which burns within you and activating your lightworker abilities in a safe way. 

There will be four sessions, one per week. These sessions are live and will last approx 60-90 minutes. Video call is essential, we can use Skype, Whatsapp, Messenger call or Facetime.