Connect to your Inner Light

£180.00 £320.00

This is a BRAND NEW service. 

During these sessions you will learn how to activate the light within you, how to create your dreams coming true in 2023,if you are seriously working towards awakening your own psychic potential, these sessions are for you! 

Session 1 Learn about the light within you and how to begin growing it daily, and how these actions will lift your vibration. A raised vibration helps your mood, your wellbeing, and your future potential. 


Session 2 In this session you will learn how to create your dreams and ideas by working with your inner light and developing your own blueprint of the year ahead. This session involves a psychic connection which will bring you amazing insights into your personal future. and also allow you a glimpse of more international happenings. 

Session 3 This final session will bring together the previous sessions and allow you to fully open your psychic powers. Are you ready to receive direct messages? This session opens you up to the amazing possibilities that you can explore. 

Each session will last around one and a half hours. there will be two weeks between each session where you will be required to practice the techniques taught.