Autumn Package

£22.00 £34.99

Autumn is here! You can feel the change in the air, the Sun is not as warm and the winds are beginning to blow. The change from Summer to Autumn is quite dramatic, our mindset changes as the fun of Summer is over and Winter approaches. 

When the season changes so do our lives, we are indoors more and less sunlight can make you feel down. We are in a period of change, and the energy of the Moon and the new energy which is now coming daily is causing change to happen in our individual lives as well as chaos on a national level. This package aims to settle your energy so you can dictate the changes you are experiencing.

It includes:

A Live New Reading which is part Clairvoyance/Tarot and part Guide connection. This reading will be an hour duration and will cove up until 1st November, 

Guide Healing this is delivered whilst the reading is being completed and will be given to the area of your being which needs it most. 

A Full Moon Spell This spell will provide the energy you need to make the changes in our life you would like. The energy will work towards the area that you stipulate and will aid you to program your mindset towards success.

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