Tarotscopes 7th May 2015


When an elastic band is stretched tightly one of two things will happen, it will either shoot off at speed or it will snap. At the moment you are taut like the elastic band, stretched to your limit by either life or simply pretending to be something you are not when you are surrounded by those who know where you came from and love you just the same. The problem is you are overwhelmed by a lack of self and a lack of direction and you will like snap if you do not restore your equilibrium. You are what you are, you have what you have got and you should be more than happy with that!


Jealousy, particularly in a relationship often stems from a deep set fear of rejection; the thought that you may not be good enough either in a relationship or a friendship can make us hurt even though there is no basis to your fear. If you are feeling distrustful at the moment then perhaps you should sit down and think why? Look for the root of your worry, is it real or is it coming from an event in the past which hurt you deeply? History doesn’t have to repeat itself if you learn the lessons you have learnt in the past.


Do you need a reason to celebrate? Do you ever simply treat yourself to something nice? This week you will have something to celebrate! Team work will be extremely rewarding as the company of others will make you more confident about your own actions. In many pursuits being part of a group aids your development, for example when learning meditation some people reach a trance state easily with others and yet struggle to even relax when the practice alone. A major milestone will be reached this week and you need to mark it in some way.


It is very easy to become so involved in a project, your work or your relationship and family that you neglect your own needs; this neglect can grow to such a level that eventually everything that used to be important to you suddenly holds no interest, work becomes tedious and you melt down at home. Beware this week that when you attention has been somewhere else something which you hold dear may be slipping away from you. Money too seems to be less available than it used to be and this will be adding to the pressure you feel you are under. This week try listing what you value in your life, take time for yourself and make an effort to become happier in all areas of your life.


This really is your week! You will be in control of yourself and your emotions and should a crisis arise you will keep you head whilst everyone else panics! If only every week could be this good… The reason for this great week? It is you of course; you have restored your balance, things are going your way and you are confident and happy. If you are slimming then this week you will see a difference and should you be seeking a new job or promotion a chance will come this week for you to shine!


When I was a child we liked nothing better for a treat than to go to the Past times, an amusement arcade which had old machines to play on, we would change our 10p for old pennies and play happily until they were all gone. Young people today would laugh at Space Invaders and other games which were high tech then and not know what an old penny was. Life is constantly changing and to visit the past for a short time can be fun but it is not a place to live. This week the past will call you to take a trip down memory lane, think of this like a treat! Twenty years from now today will be but a fond memory too, will you make the here and now worth revisiting in the future? Nothing lasts for ever so enjoy what you have whilst you have it!


What a wonderful week lies ahead! Hopes and dreams will come true and you really will be inspired. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and now you will begin to see it and you will become inspired again and this will help you to re-focus and set a course to follow. Having direction is essential for progress and lately you may have felt as though you have been floundering in the shallows of life, but no more! You will know that you are going to be successful and that will make you feel much better than you have done lately.


Romance, is it all it is cracked up to be? Most of us hear fairy tales as children and dream of the white wedding and living happily ever after but in reality you will have learned that not every tale has a happy ending. If you have entered into a romance and everything was fantastic then it is very likely that this week you will begin to see the real person who appears to be Prince Charming; everyone projects an image on to the object of their desire but soon people revert to being themselves. If you have got to know your partner and you have built a friendship as well as a relationship this will not be a problem but if you have leapt into a relationship then this week you may be disillusioned. Oh well! Back to the drawing board!


Where or what next? A new challenge is required! Step one will be to look at what you have done, the list will be considerable. Decide what you have enjoyed doing, what was profitable for you and what you disliked and would not do again. You are ready now for your next move, but what will that be? Your advice this week; make a choice, aim your arrows high, set standards which you would be happy with if you were a client or a partner and make a plan. This is a unique time for you to grow as a person and expand your horizons. You will take this chance as staying the same is not an option any longer, seize the opportunity and reach for the stars, the results will be instant.


Do you feel challenged by people who use their intellect to try and control you? They speak and live at a seemingly higher standard than you. There clothes are expensive and their nails always manicured but do you stop and think are they happy? Do they know more about life than you? They may know more on their chosen subject but if their left took a downturn they would be lost! You on the other hand would rebuild your life even better than it is now! This week you will encounter a person who thinks he is all that and more, smile and wait!


This week you will be tempted to say one thing but believe another! This will not be a lie rather you will be masking your true feelings for fear of rejection or ridicule. How uncomfortable you will feel. Opening your eyes to the truth can be painful as often it is easier to pretend all is well than face the reality that there is a problem which has been developing for a while. Repressing feelings, thoughts and emotions is not helping you or the situation and this week you are urged to face reality head on. Like lifting a scab on a sore, the scab needs to go for the healing to be completed. Start picking at your life, looking deeper into a situation will allow it to come into the light and then it can be healed.


Is your life dull and static, are you in need of emotional or financial rescue? Are you waiting for your prince to come, rescue you and love you like no other person you have met? If this is the way you are thinking then perhaps you need to begin to take charge of your life and start to value your own talents and gifts more. Being imaginative is great but you also need to be realistic. Sorting out things for yourself will give you a tremendous feeling of accomplishment and lift your self-esteem to a level which will begin to attract the man or woman of your dreams into your life. But, should you be needy then you will attract an equally needy partner not a good combination! Try hard this week, if things need to change then be brave enough to change them whatever the cost.