Money Spell


There are three elements to this spell, these elements follow the moon phases and takes a Lunar month to be able to complete.

The first spell is to be performed when the moon is in the process of waning, this will enable you to let go of negative energy where money is concerned.Thoughts like I have nothing or I will never be rich will leave you as the energy of this spell takes hold, you will feel freer, less concerned about your finances. This change of perspective is the first step in opening the door to financial abundance

Next,  the power of the New  moon will be the utilized to start the process of money coming into your life.This money may come in the form of discounts, pay increase from either your work or benefits or a reduction in your outgoing. This will be a long lasting change, one that you can build on as the weeks progress. 


Finally,, the power of the Full Moon will be the utilized to seal the spell and keep your attitude to money positive and welcoming and your finances to keep improving and your bank balance growing

This three step approach does work and if you follow the directions that you will be given completely it will change your life. The only person who will limited the level of financial abundance these spells will bring to you is yourself. You will begin to  see money as something which you love, an energy which frees you from stress and gives you the freedom to live the life that you want to be living. 

As this spell is over the course of a month, you will be given the opportunity to contact me any point during the month if you seek guidance or an update about the progress of the spell, by text, telephone or message. 


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