Full Moon Package


This January Full Moon is very intense, the power which it brings potentially will rock your World! But in a good way. This Moon is long-anticipated, as it brings with it good fortune. This package is designed to help you to tap into the power of this Moon phase effectively and in a positive way, 
Included are: 
Winter Wishes Reading
This reading looks at your goals for the year ahead, it will highlight any blockages you have or any changes you will need to make to bring your wishes to fruition simply and easily. Please answer the following questions and return with your booking. 

Questions for winter wishes

  1.  Where do you see yourself now? 
  2. Where would you like to be next Christmas?
  3. Do you have a goal set for 2020?
  4. Do you like to be independent or with family?
  5. What do you feel is blocking you from moving forward

A Guide Reading

This is a live online reading, which connects with your Guide. In this reading, you will receive guidance and explanations for the signs you are seeing and how you can connect to the Universe more. Please contact me to schedule to arrange your live session when booking. 

A Full Moon Spell for Luck and Good Fortune

Cast on your behalf this spell will connect you with the fortunate energy of this Full Moon and encourage Good Fortune your way 

This Package is available to book until s on Sunday 12th Jan 2020. 

Please add the answers to the questions on your order, and contact me to schedule the LIVE session. Allow 7-10 days for receipt of the written section. 


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