Life Purpose Package

£22.00 £29.99

Do you know what the purpose of your life is? Are you feeling lost or frustrated? If you had direction would you feel motivated and excited about each day? Perhaps you feel something is missing in your life or that something is about to happen but you are not sure what?

Sometimes, we carry coded memories from Past Lives in our cellular memory, these memories can affect how we live today. Included in this package is a Past Life reading which will reveal any issues which you have brought into this life so that you can finally release them. Also, you will have gifts and talents which come naturally to you, these are often the things you have studied and practiced in previous lives. 

The Life Purpose reading is a highly complex written reading may take up to ten days. All orders are completed in order of booking, 

This package offers you all of the following

  • Life Purpose reading
  • Past Life Reading


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