Ascension Package

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Many people are having to face issues that are appearing from nowhere, these are having a major impact on their lives, affecting their mental health and physical well-being. This is a time of change of facing and releasing your cellular memories as well as issues that are clearly from this life. This package is designed to help you find the issues which are from your cellular memory, in the form of a Past Life report which will detail the major influences you are releasing. Then, you will also receive a new Tarotstrology Forecast and Personal Predictions for the next 3 Months! 

Whether your Current focus is Love, Money or Health, this package will show you what to release, how to do so and what you can expect next! This is everything you need in order to move into the New Energy, a New Life awaits, it is yours for the taking!


Past Life Report - Individually prepared this document will detail the lives in which you created blockages in your cellular memory which you now need to remember, balance and release. Also, a look into how these memories are affecting your judgments today!

Guide Reading 

A connection with the Guide who is currently working with you, this will introduce you to your Guide, enable you to connect directly by following the directions that they offer you, and some current guidance which will help you move forward. 

This is your time to shine, this time next year you will be in a new place, with a new life if you take the right steps now to release. 


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