You and Your Guides! March 16 2019


Every one of us has many Guides throughout a lifetime, these guides all have specific skills and purpose in our lives. Some Guides will work with your spiritual being, others your material, you could have a business guide, a relationship guide, and often you will have more than one guide looking after your needs at one time. All these guides will have agreed to help you before you were born, and when you reach certain points in your life or your development they will step forward as planned. Of course, you have free will, and you may stray from your chosen path, your guides will still be watching, and they will step in if need be to help you to recourse your life if you choose to do so. You will also have one Guide who is with you from birth until death, this guide overseas your life and often will be the one you will connect with.

Your Guides are always there for you, but they will guide you, not right wrongs or recourse your life, they will inspire, and lead you to make the choices that will put you on the path which will benefit you the most. Often they will speak to you through your thoughts or your intuition.

Guide Signs

Guides are being very active with their signs at the moment! You may have noticed number sequences or patterns which pop up throughout your day, you may see animals or birds in places which they are not usually seen, or perhaps you find feathers or coins where there were none a few moments before. All of these are Guide Signs if you research the sign you are receiving you will find it holds a clear message for you. If you ignore these signs, and your message is important you will find they find a more dramatic way of getting your attention. For example, I kept seeing 555, then one evening my TV changed channel completely on its own to channel 555, much to the horror of my children. The remote was nowhere near any of us! When you research your signs on Google, read the link which draws you the most, I would recommend Joanne Sacred Scribes for numbers and What's My Sign for animal and bird messengers.

Recently, I offered a Guide and Healing service, during this connection I relayed the messages one of the client’s guides had for them whilst a second guide, or in some cases, a Guardian Angel performed healing on the client. The feedback from these sessions has been very wonderful, the information given has helped the clients greatly and the healing brought peace of mind and positivity especially if the client was suffering from anxiety and depression. This healing works on one or all of the bodies four systems, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual and every person who has taken these sessions have reported back very good results. If you would like to read more about this service please click here.

Your Guides are very special, knowledgeable and loving spirits, who are always there for you. Try and connect with them, and if you see their signs look them up, the message they have sent you will be clear, and they have unconditional love for you always.