Valentine's Day Collective reading Reveal February 13 2019

There are some brand new and different readings available for Valentine’s Day! You could find out if you are compatible with someone you like, or see where your current relationship is heading, or perhaps find out where you can find love! All the new readings are available to book by clicking here! There are also two very potent spells available, if you are sure of what you want, then one of these will help you.

If you chose Card 1

You are destined for success in relationships and in all creative enterprises! Love should be with you every day, and Valentine’s Day will just reaffirm your love. If you are single, you are finding a deep and true love for yourself, this will enable you to attract a loving partner in the future, so be strong, love yourself and wait!

If you chose Card 2

What you have at the moment is very special, and although you may have faced challenges and hurts in the past, have faith that where you are is where you should be. Try to not be over possessive in any relationship, this trait can be hard to handle especially if your partner is not doing anything wrong! If you are experiencing jealousy from your partner, try some open communication to ease the situation.

If you chose Card 3

You are a hardworking individual, and this diligence could be blocking any romantic encounters. You are focused and driven to succeed, and love could be something you are prepared to wait for. If or when you are in a relationship, you will have the same approach, you will be keen to do everything properly and you will seek a partner who is also methodical and careful. If you have chosen someone who does not have the same standards as you, the relationship will not last that long.

What to expect from Valentine’s Day!

Card 4

If this is your choice expect a wish to come true! There are many forms of love and a gift from someone special, even if they are not your partner will lift your mood and make you feel loved and valued, which will be priceless. Expect to receive some compliments, as your happiness will make you look and feel more attractive.

Card 5

You will start to question if the choices you have made are now right for you! This may come as a surprise as you will feel ready to walk away from toxic and abusive people who are in your life. For some of you who chose this card a new beginning awaits, you will need to be brave to take this opportunity, but if you do, you will not regret it.

Card 6

You can expect a great day tomorrow! If you are in love, expect to be showered with love and to receive some treats, but even if you are single, you will feel great energy of love and you could connect with someone new or make a choice to start attracting the person of your dreams. Be happy, as this year you will find what you are looking for.