Three Card Reveal! 17-2-10 February 17 2020

February, is the shortest month but it can also seem very long! It is grey, windy and wet. Here are three Cards, please select one card and the read on to find out your message for February, which hopefully will give you the boost that you need to end winter on a high note!

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If you chose Card 1

You have been limited recently, this may have been caused through illness, finances or your own lack of self-belief. Try not to worry, your struggles are nearly over, there is light at the end of the tunnel. If your struggles have been related to your self-esteem, then you are responsible to look after your well-being more by attending to your diet and making sure you get at least 20 minutes exercise, preferably outside, each day. Things may have been difficult, but Spring will bring you a change of fortunes.

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If you chose Card 2

You have a lot to do! If you have been feeling overwhelmed, then choosing this card is a call to action. Start with the enjoyable jobs, then move on to the tougher ones. Whether you are behind in your home, your work or you are not catching up with friends, then now is the time to get back on top of things, one step at a time. You may also get the opportunity to study or to attend a course or workshop, this is an extra special time for you to begin to follow your dreams, enrol now and take the first step.

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If you chose Card 3

Are you feeling that your life is fated? Like every step of the way you are being guided. If so, then your intuition is right! You are being led towards a much better path for you, but you will need to clear out your life in order to get the opportunities that you need. To encourage this movement, begin in your physical environment, try and declutter or clean out your cupboards or garage. Having a clear out will let the Universe know that you are ready for the new things they are leading you towards. Also, you are very luck at the moment, make the most of your good fortune!

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