Three Card Reading Reveal. Harvest Moon 13th September 13 2019

Here is the reveal for the Free Collective Reading for the Full Moon and Friday 13th. If you have selected a card, please read on. 

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If you chose Card 1

The energy of the Full Moon and Friday 13th will affect you the most in your emotional security and your ability to accept your limitations. You have the opportunity to behave in a more mature way in all relationships and connections, and if you can do this you will find any unsettled energy will be removed. Everyone has limitations, in accepting what your limits are you will be able to define yourself better and to set out a plan for your future that is achievable.

If you chose Card 2

You will have the urge to make sure everything is done properly! Whether it is important paperwork or the ironing you will be meticulous in your approach and you will pay attention to detail. You will also become more interested in traditions and customs, and you could meet someone who is a spiritual teacher or a guru. See what captures your attention this Full Moon as that is the area of exploration you will be drawn to.

If you chose Card 3

Suddenly, you will want to make changes in your life! You will feel a strong desire to recreate yourself and your lifestyle. You may only take small steps towards change, but if you persist you will have made a major shift by this time next year. The first step is always the hardest. This is a good Moon for you to change jobs, begin dieting and taking exams. Take some time this weekend to decide what you want to change, the steps you need to take will come to you immediately.