Three Card Collective Reading 17-3-20 March 17 2020

Here is the first of many posts which are aimed at raising your vibration and reminding you there is more going on than meets the eye ;) Although many of you are very stressful at this time, in is unity which will create the environment for the Ascension which is beginning to happen. We may be advised not to mingle in person, but connecting in a Spiritual way and uplifting each other will aid the Earth and its population greatly. I hope these cards help you. If you need help on your Spiritual Path you can consider this Brand New Reading, this is at the lowest possible price, so it is accessible to all!

If you chose CARD 1

You are very fortunate you know the value of family and your home! There will be little better for you than the company of your family! Spending valuable time together, teaching your children and being with your loved ones will be simply perfect for you! This is the time for you to unite, to bring everyone together and to reconnect with family members that you have drifted away from. Work in your home, make it cosy and invigorating! Clean to lift the vibration and be grateful each day for all these good people and good things which are in your life.

If you chose CARD 2

A whole new World is approaching and currently you are surrounded by opportunities which you are probably not seeing as you feel like you are threatened. Your advice is to change your perspective. Life is changing, and you need to change with it. You should be working at not being stressed, try a daily guided meditation, there are lots available free of charge. Find gratitude for what you have and surround yourself with love and you will begin to raise your vibration and move above the current chaos. Find peace and then share your peace with others.

If you chose CARD 3

You are just about to have a wish come true! But what have you been wishing for? How positive have your thoughts been? You still have chance to begin a new direction, to value all you have rather than focus on the negative. You are a Lightworker, if you connect now, you will receive enlightenment and suddenly you will see what you have been missing. Things have not been feeling right to you, you may have been feeling other people’s emotions and not realised that they are not yours. It is time for you to awaken and answer the call the Universe is sending to you. You are ready!  We all need you.