The Sagittarius New Moon November 24 2019


This month's New Moon lies just inside the constellation of Sagittarius, this moon’s energy will affect you even if you are born under another star sign.

A true Sagittarian will champion causes when something is unfair or unjust, whether it is happening to them or to someone else they will be like a dog with a bone until they win the argument and balance the energy. You may feel motivated to fairness during the two weeks following this moon. Also, you should become more optimistic! The stars connected to this moon still lie in the deep and intense sign of Scorpio, which likely means any issues the Scorpio New Moon threw up, could still be rumbling on, or a resolution reached may not sit well with you. Where you normally would accept the decisions and move on, the Sagittarian energy may say to you, “That is unfair!” and drive you to pursue another option.

You will aim higher than usual, your urge to do your best and to reach the stars will be strong, but just remember if this is not your normal attitude when this moon’s energy has passed you could have taken on more than you bargained for!

You will also feel more philosophical, you could discover an urge to find the meaning of life, to explore your religious or spiritual beliefs or to begin to know yourself better. One thing you won’t be is easily offended or over-emotional.

This energy will encourage you to dig deeper into things, to begin long thought about projects and to begin them now. You could be traveling or planning a trip for next year, if so, then now is the perfect time to make your plans.

Tread carefully when you are under the Sagittarian influence, you may be more outspoken which could seem confrontational, you may also annoy or irate others with your words, without remembering they also are being affected by the Moon. If you are a Sagittarian, then you should love this boost to your natural capacity for greatness but remember during this moon phase those who normally look up to you may champion a cause that may seem to bring you down.

Stay optimistic, be brave but do watch you do not sign up for something which you have become unusually passionate about, or take on too much for early in the New Year!

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Have a wonderful New Moon!