The Sagittarius Full Moon! Freedom, Faith and Change! May 28 2018

The Full Moon on 29th May lies in the fire sign of Sagittarius, this is the sign of the philosopher, traveller and freedom seeker! A true Sagittarian needs freedom in their lives, the constraints of a possessive relationship or a watertight work contract bring distress and not security! Sagittarius energy is independent, resourceful and powerful and these are the qualities that you will need to use in the next two weeks! People from many signs will struggle with this energy, especially when things leave your life which you believe are bringing security, but in truth are tying you down.

You may also find you become interested in life’s mysteries! Suddenly, you will be thinking about how life was created and why we are here, that sort of question is pure gold to a Sagittarian, and whilst the moon is passing through the 9th house of Religion and Philosophy you may be asking yourself some soul-searching questions! 

This energy is intense, the changes that are likely to happen over the next two weeks will seem severe, but you are being set free! One thing a Sagittarian would never do is grovel and beg for another chance, if you feel this is something you should do then do all you can not to give in to your need for security, something far better is coming so wave goodbye to the old worn out patterns in your life and start being resourceful and resilient as you await a new chapter beginning.

You will find too that everyone becomes very competitive! In all areas of your life, you may need to put in extra effort to do what you usually do easily, especially if you run a business. Again, you are being called to being resourceful and resilient and create content which is new and completely original, if you do then you will not look back.

Remember this Full Moon is all about freedom, and your ability to confidently shine where ever in the World you are! Light your Sagittarius fire inside and begin to break away from the constraints you have thought you need to have.