The Sacred Message behind 11:11 December 01 2016


This is an incredibly powerful message.

Are you seeing the number sequence 11:11 or 1:11 everywhere? If so, then you may wonder why or what message this holds for you.

 11;11 speaks to you of your awakening, it a message about power, not power over others but regaining your own power over your own destiny. It leads you to a deeper understanding of life and how things really are. 11:11 is a wake up call, you are manifesting the next step of your life and if you are not monitoring your thoughts then what you will attract may be more of the same or something worse. Your guide is telling you to think about what you are thinking about!

 Right at this moment you are manifesting.

We all are manifesting all of the time, our thoughts carry a lot of power and are a signal to the Universe of what we would like to happen. Are you creating a good life for yourself filled with happiness and opportunities or are you allowing your subconscious fears to manifest for you?

Pay Attention to your thoughts and feelings as these are the template which creates the next events in your life.

 If you knew that you were creating the events of the next weeks or months or even years would you be thinking of being poor or being unhappy or would you think that you are grateful for all that you have? 11:11 is a sign your thoughts are not positive, that you need to be mindful, as what you truly believe will create in reality.  


Think Where are you when you see the number sequence. Are you at home? At work? With others or alone?

It is most likely that if you are seeing 11:11 then it is more connected with your thoughts and emotions than with your location, but sometimes where you are physically may be the wrong place for you, so do make a note, especially if you see these numbers regularly when in a certain place or with a certain person.

Your spiritual journey has begun

We all have the sole or soul purpose of remembering who we are and why we are here. This is not as the individual, but, as the whole of mankind, sort of the meaning of life. There are many different pathways to finding enlightenment and no way is better than any other. If you are seeing 11:11 and you are practicing spiritual growth, then it is a marker telling you that now you are ready to move up to the next level of understanding.

Be aware, it is probable more precise signs from your guide will follow

When you are receiving the sign 11:11 and you recognize it as a sign from your Guide then you will become aware of more signs, you will be alert to less general messages which only you will understand.

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