The Post Full Moon Energy Reveal August 20 2019

The Post Full Moon energy is affecting everyone, but how is it affecting you? If you have selected a card from the photo please read on to see where the energy is affecting you,

Finding your true calling will make your life wonderful. This energy is allowing you the chance to make some changes which will put you back on track to be who you truly are.

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If you chose Card 1

You may be feeling like other people are moving away from you. Your social circle may be changing, and you may find you are wondering why. It is time that you surrounded yourself with people who make you feel good, people who are on the same wavelength as you and who support you rather than bring you down. Push through this phase, new people and new energy is on their way to you.

If you chose Card 2

Your finances may be affected by the post moon energy. It seems your income may drop or that you have a large unexpected bill to pay. This will make you think about how financially secure you are. Is there more you can do to protect your finances? Don’t worry you will overcome this setback, but you could also learn a lesson from it.

If you chose Card 3

You will have a desire to move on! It seems the draw to begin again will be strong and that you would like nothing better than to put down your emotional baggage and your obligations and head into the sunset. You may not be able to take this drastic action, but you can change some things which will make you feel much freer.