The November Tarotscopes November 06 2018

The year is drawing to a close, but what does November hold in store for you? This is a month when most signs will see the results of their efforts through this year. Do you like the Tarotscopes? If so, you will love the 2019 Predictions Reading! Which is reduced for early bookers!  Click here to read more.


November will begin slowly for you, you will feel like everything is on pause as you are waiting for something to happen. This may be frustrating, and you are being urged to do all you can to make things move quicker, but, if you have done everything you can, then all you can do is wait! Try not to worry, everything is progressing as it should, even if that is not as fast as you would like it to be. You need to keep yourself busy, as you will be tempted to become anxious as waiting is not something you like to do! By the end of the month you will have news and then all will fall into place. This may be a difficult month for you as you like to be in control and waiting for others to move things forward can be challenging for you.


This is a month of hard work for you, and you will need put extra effort into your work/life balance to prevent your days just being only work and sleep! Try and set aside some time for yourself, so you can do the things that you like doing or to be with those you care about. If you are studying, then this will be an important month, as what you learn now will be at the core of your subject knowledge. Love will enter your life mid-month, even if you are happy with your partnership, expressions of love will come from others. If you are single, then Mr Right could be close! Movement and travel are well-starred as the month ends, any trips long or short taken during the last week in November will be good! Pack carefully though, you may forget something you need!


You will feel nicely content! You will like sitting at home with the fire lit and a mug of something hot! Christmas is coming, and you will while away hours planning and preparing! If you can do this, then you will find your stress decreases instantly! Many people live hectic lives but finding a few hours to sit and plan will make you feel uplifted. In fact, you may feel so content that you will want to withdraw from life more! All the answers lie within, and finding your true purpose will become more and more pressing for you. What moves you? What are you passionate about? How can you make these things a more central part of your life? Give some thought to these questions, you may find the answers are surprisingly simple! Financial planning is essential now, do look at figures and budgets too.          


You may have felt a little shaky as the month began as if your confidence in one area of your life has been knocked a little. This insecurity could be your intuition, so do think hard about the cause of your uncertainty you may find there is a valid reason for it. You will also need to make a choice, you will feel pulled in two directions, will you, or won’t you? Indecision will rule the first two weeks of November but then your old faith in yourself will be restored! As the month ends you will need to watch your spending! It seems there will be more month than money for a lot of you! Watching the pennies through the month will help you especially if you have a large unexpected bill to pay!  


Currently, you are in the process of creating a new life for yourself, but, unless you are taking courses or moving to a new house then you may be doing this subconsciously. Have you got personal goals set? Or are you just passing from one day to the next with no plan in place? Try and think what you would like to be doing and then put in place achievable steps to move in that direction. Once your fire is ignited, you will find you become passionate about change, if you leave it for others to make choices for you then you will drift deeper into a life that is not meant for you. A deception will be revealed midmonth which will cause a lot of conversation and as the month ends you will be exceptionally busy! You will be juggling money and your time, this sounds exhausting, but you will really enjoy all the activity and using your resourcefulness!


You will be feeling defensive about your past choices or the actions of someone you held dear, this will mean you are touchy! You will feel like you want to blow your top, but you are not sure why! This edginess will last a couple of weeks and may become distracting. Try being honest with yourself, think back a lot, was everything really someone else’s doing?  Forgiveness will set you free. You may feel overstretched or overwhelmed in the middle of the month, remember you can only do so much and that there is no shame in asking for help. As the month ends you could feel slightly down, the year is nearly at an end and if you reflect on what has transpired through the months you may struggle to find the positives.  But, they are there! You have had glorious moments and taken great steps in your spiritual awakening! Time is never wasted.


A message will arrive which is long overdue! This will contain something you have been waiting to hear, but is it too late? Have you already moved on? You will feel tense this month, like a powder keg that just needs a spark to explode! But, you are a well-balanced individual, and you will strive to repress your anger, but midmonth the smallest thing will cause you to blow! You will feel much better once you have got everything off your chest, but the recipient of your outburst may take longer to forgive! As the month ends, you will start to feel grateful for all you have in your life, this subtle change will allow you to find value in everything, in your life now, and that you have had in the past. This switch of perspective will allow new and exciting things to enter your life.


You will have a very successful November, in fact, you will rate it one of the best months of the year! Of course, for many of you it will be your birthday month, but this year everything in November is positive. You will feel filled with drive and motivation, and this will make you far more productive. This is a lovely month for most of you, one when you will really get things done. A new horizon is opening for you, this may mean that your physical life stays the same but how you view it changes. A link with a Californian, which may be through their work or an online presentation will be very good for you. Be open to changing your perspective and beliefs this month, it is good to make your own mind up about things and to explore things deeper. The month will end with a Knight in shining armour rushing to your aid, this may be a central heating repairman or a mechanic, but he will go beyond what is required from him!


Your month will begin with you paying a lot of attention to detail! This may be in your home life and not your work, but it seems you have set yourself a mission which you intend to complete! You also will feel on edge, the Halloween vibe which you love so much will have left a little mark and your nerves may be jangling! This will pass, and you will find that you will be working even harder than usual during November, but this will suit you as again, you have set yourself targets and taken a lot on! But the World is opening up for you and your hard work and effort will be repaid in 2019. You have laid the foundations during 2018, 2019 will bring you the rewards, and during November you will feel this beginning. You will feel on top of things, happy and confident that you are on the right path. Use your Sagittarian resilience to keep going!


As November begins, you will feel like you are ready for a new challenge. Your life may feel like it has become stagnant and that change is needed! Your advice is to set back for a short while, to detach emotionally from the issues that you face and allow yourself a mental break. In doing this, you will be able to gain a new perspective, and you will realise what you have is good and although change is positive, a few tweaks are all you really need to restore your well-being. You will also realise how strong you are, after all, you have endured so much but still, you are keeping going! This month should be all about being kind to yourself, but the switch is required mentally which means only you can take the steps required!


You are about to begin a new venture or hobby, this will fill you full of inspiration and if you stick to your plan you will see amazing results! It will be hard work and you will need to put in the effort, but it will be well worth it! Taking the first step is often the hardest, but during November it will seem natural for you to choose this path. This month will be well-balanced for you, you will have been popping a toe in the water all year, now you are ready to take this plunge. Love will surround you, it will be shown to you by those closest to you and your friends! This is a wonderful time for you to commit to a partnership or get married! If this is the next step for you, then begin your plans now! You seem to like the Winter months, as long as you are warm and cosy, make the most of the chance to do this as your life is set to take off from January!


Sometimes, you can overthink things, and in doing so you miss the little things which bring so much joy! During November you are being urged to look at the bigger picture. If you find you obsess about the small details, or trivial matters then try and relax a little and look for the good in all things, it really is there! You seem to be deceiving yourself about either a relationship or how others are seeing you.  Again, you are overthinking, and if you push the point you will see that the illusion you have created around this situation will collapse and the truth will be staring you in the face. You’re a highly spiritual person, but you can have rigid beliefs if you could relax these and be more open to other potential theories you will find the right thing for you. November will e an eye-opening month for you in many ways.