The Meaning of Repetitive Number Sequences May 29 2019


Are you seeing repetitive number patterns? You may see 11;11, 555, 777 several times a day, but do you know what this means? When you are seeing these number combinations you are receiving a message from your guide. Please read on to read the special message these numbers have for you. 

11:11 or 111, when you are seeing repetitions of the number 1, you are being sent a clear message that an energy portal is opening for you. Often this is the first number sequence people see as it represents the beginning of a spiritual awakening. It is also a reminder that your thoughts, words and actions are determining the next phase of your life.

222 or 22:22, Seeing a combination of the number 2, is a message of faith. This number sequence urges you to adopt a positive state of mind, as your manifestations may be taking time to come to you, but they are on their way. This is a message of divine faith and of balance. These number are saying to you, keep the faith, keep going as you are and believe you are in the right place now.

333 or 3333, If you are seeing this number pattern, then your creativity has been activated! You are being encouraged to serve and teach others by setting a positive example. These repeating numbers tell you that you are on the right path, and that you are manifesting as you are going along! If you can be filled with joy and if you are creative in all things you do, you will see many opportunities coming your way very soon.

444 or4444 Repeating 4’s are a sign that hard work is required to reach your target.4 is the number of solid foundations and diligence and when 4 repeats it shows you that you guides and the angels are supporting you and encouraging you to continue forward. Work is required, but you can call on your angels and guides for support and help. This number sequence is letting you know that your connection with the angelic realm is strong. Whatever you are working on will bring success, as long as you keep putting in maximum effort!

555 or 5555, When you see the number 5 repeating, it is telling you that major life changes are on the way. These changes will lead you further down the path of enlightenment, but you may feel threatened or distressed by them initially. This is a major chance for you to rebuild your life and make things better than they ever have been.  The changes may be in your daily life, but they also could be in your beliefs. Embrace the change when it comes, sometimes things need to be broken down to heal and be rebuilt.

666 or 6666 When you see repeating 6, your thoughts are too focused on monetary and emotional matters and not enough on your spirituality. This repeating number tells you that your financial and emotional need will always be met if you are engaging in service to others. These number are asking you to work on your balance and faith and to raise your vibration, as you will be provided for if you believe. Pass your fears and worries over to your spirit guides or angels to transmute, and do not be afraid to ask them or other people to help you through this phase.

777 or 7777 Repeating number 7s is a very positive sign from your guides. You are on the right path your hard work and effort is paying off now and you are being congratulated and urged forward. This is a very uplifting sign, and it is one which is both encouraging and rewarding. Expect good things when you see this number pattern.

888 or 8888, 8 is the number of Karma, and often this sign indicates that you will be getting repaid in kind for actions you have taken in the past. Repeating 8s can also mean that a phase in your emotional life, your finances or your career is coming to an end, and this is a forewarning to prepare yourself. It is time to make choices which suit you and not other people, but mainly this is a sign that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

999 or 9999, When you see this number sequence often, it is a message from the Universe that it is time for you to step up to the mark and begin to follow your divine mission. If you have not already found your talents and passion; then now is the time to do so. A combination of number 9 is an indication that you are a lightworker, and now your light needs to shine brighter than ever to serve humanity using your unique talents and skills.  


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