The Lions Gate and you! August 08 2018


The current shift in our energy is connected to the opening of the Lionsgate Portal, this is an annual event which happens when the Earth, the Sun and Sirius move into certain position and activate this celestial portal. Each year, as the Lionsgate Portal opens, new light codes flood through and create energetic shifts within each person. These light codes are like a computer or phone update but with your mind! They will tweak your spiritual perceptions, your energy levels and change how you see yourself and your life and sometimes remove glitches in your situation or thought pattern. So, in a way, the Lionsgate portal will offer you downloads which will allow your spiritual gifts to progress at a rapid rate and your understanding of the Universe and how life works will become clearer.

When the Lionsgate Portal is fully opened on 8th August each year, the star Sirius, known as our spiritual sun, beams these light codes to us through the open portal, and this will continue to happen this year until the New Moon solar eclipse on 11th August. This is high vibrational energy, and it is working on our planet as well as us! The higher your personal vibration is during the next few days, the better you will cope with these new energies. Be positive in all things. Make time to enjoy your life and to be grateful for all you have.

As with all gateways, traffic is two ways! This is the time to explore other realms and connect to your guides and your higher self and to receive knowledge, messages and guidance. More and more people are empaths now, if you fully accept and absorb the light codes, meditate and connect and remain positive, even if everything in your life seems chaotic, then you will emerge the other side of this portal with a whole new perspective, with activated gifts and a brighter future than you have now!

If you would like to know what your light codes mean and how you can use them to shine your light brighter on the World click here!