The Full Snow Moon! February 16 2019

The Full Moon in February, on Tuesday 19th, is known as the Snow Moon, as often there will be snow lying on the ground, as the last bite of Winter hits us. The nights are drawing out and there is a sense that Spring is not far away, try and look for the buds on the trees, the early Spring flowers and the first lambs in the fields as connecting with nature will lift your spirits and strengthen your connection with the divine.

Tuesday’s Full Moon is a Supermoon, this means it is closer to the Earth and therefore will appear bigger in the sky, which will intensify the energy that this moon brings to us. This is predominately a positive moon, it will highlight any fears which are holding you back and allow you to shine your light on them and beat them once and for all.

Since the Full Moon in January, you may have found that you have broken away from repetitive patterns and made some brave decisions to free yourself from limitations, you are slowly exposing the illusions which have bound you, expect to do more of this as this year progresses.

This will also be a time for you to step back from your life and give yourself some space and healing. Our lives are very busy and at times we neglect our own well-being, this moon will encourage you to pause, reflect and rest. If you have had an ongoing illness or a lingering cold, or just found out that you have an illness or condition, next week is the best time to seek medical intervention, face things now and then release them. If you act in tune with the lunar energy, the results will be swift and successful.

During this moon’s phase, you may feel strange aches and pains, your sleep may be disturbed, and you could have visions or strange dreams. Messages will flow to you from your guides as you face your fears and attain your true place in the world.

This is the time for facing your fears, lifting the restrictions they have placed on you and moving forward into an abundant and successful life. A Moon Energy Reading will explain more about this moon phase and you, please click here to book.

Rest, relax, practice self-care and follow your intuition. Bathe yourself in the moonlight, as this moon will heal and replenish you and then set you free.