The Beaver Moon 23-11-18 November 23 2018

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Today’s Full Moon is known as the Beaver Moon and it lies in the constellation of Gemini. This is a bright moon, if you have clear skies you will notice how the moon is lighting up the darkness. This is a reflection of how you will be affected by the energy in this moon phase! You will find you become illuminated, and that you will feel and sense a change coming, even if you are not sure what it will be. This moon suggests that if you keep working, gathering information and preparing yourself then the choice to change will come your way. But you could also choose to stay where you are, which although possible, will not aid you in the future.

 You could have been feeling lacklustre like your shine has been tarnished as you are being distracted from your goals, and when you force yourself to focus your mojo is just not there. You also may have found, that since the New Moon on November 6th, situations from your past have suddenly repeated, the people may have changed, and your location may be different, but old hurts and battles seem to be beginning again. You have a window of opportunity to face these issues in a different way, so if you fought a battle last time, then maybe submitting now would be beneficial, or if you became needy, a show of confidence will pave the way for success.

This is a time for gratitude, your past experience will have been painful, this time you could find the opposite, you have learned and now you can practice your new way of thinking. Remember, this is a learning curve, but also a stage which will set you and your loved ones free. This is the time to shine in all areas of your life, even those which seem tricky! Vivid dreams may be upsetting or confusing if you explore their meaning you will get their message clearly!

This is an emotional moon, one in which you will find romance is strong and you will feel a need to express your true feeling, you would be wise to wait a couple of weeks as acting or speaking now may not have the effect that you desire.

This Full Moon lies in the constellation of Gemini, and Gemini rules the third house which relates to all forms of communication, gadgets and devices, (remember Mercury is also in retrograde!) You also will find this moon maybe affecting situations in schools or with teachers and your local community and your neighbours. If that is where your issues lie, then be grateful, you are in tune with the moon and the Universal energies and on your true course. You will have four weeks to negotiate your path through these challenges and to regain your focus, especially in spiritual work. Changes are coming but they are not here just yet, try and keep moving forward and gathering all the information that is being sent to you. Your leap forward will be massive, be ready, rest in December and prepare, a great shift is coming to you. The New Moon in December is on the 7th, and Mercury goes direct on December 6th, expect your life to flow better then especially if you address your difficult choices now.

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