The Angels are Calling YOU! October 19 2018

The energy of change and awakening is building as Samhain approaches, and many of you may be feeling angry or disillusioned with your lives. As the veil thins between the realms, the layer of conditioning that you are wrapped in also fades. This means that more or your life starts to feel uncomfortable, that you may suddenly realise that what you are currently doing is not what you want to, or should be doing. That the things you have been led to believe by society, religion and politics are not how they truly are, and in some cases, the mask that people wear will slip, and you will see the troubled child, who is now an adult in a position of power, as they truly are. This is unsettling, as everyone finds solace in the familiar, and many of your ideas of life will have come from your parents and your schools or your church.

You will feel the need to express yourself, but perhaps you do not know how to, your attention will switch from anger to compassion, or from war to peace. During the current energy shift, you will begin to cast aside your perception of life and yourself and of people in authority. You will seek out your true self, the truth about life and find those special souls who are part of your life mission. You are seeking your cause, but you could feel frustration as you have no idea where to start your search. Things are very wrong in our World, and many of you will take up the environmental cause and be a light-bearer for our planet. Others will find compassion for the needy and suffering and begin a tireless campaign for better treatment of those who have little or are homeless.

You may be struggling in this search because you are forgetting that step one is to really get in touch with yourself, to find what is known as Zero Point, the place of perfect peace in your own self so that with practice you can access the blueprint of your own life and remember why you chose to be who you are and where you are.

The energy of October is helping you by showing you that things are not how they seem. A good step to take in finding your personal mission is to take a look at lives you have lived before. A strand of purpose lies in each one, all leading you to where you are now, which is living the life in which you will finally awaken and take your place in the awakening of the World.

Things are changing and you really matter, you are an important part of the awakening process, and the time for you to begin is now October 2018. The remainder of this year will send you chances to awaken, but it is you who needs to choose to do so.

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