Tarotscopes 8th July 2018 July 08 2018

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Your week will include a lot of movement! Some of you will be taking a holiday and travelling for pleasure, others may be moving home or job and for some, the movement will be a spiritual progression! But, whichever it is for you, moving with this energy will be beneficial, but resisting it will be uncomfortable, this is a week to go with the flow and to be grateful and accepting. Look£ out for a green park bench! If you see one, sit on it a while and look around you.


This week your finances may be a bit tight! It seems you will be feeling the squeeze as something you would like to do may be beyond your reach at the moment! You could also feel alone as if you have been abandoned by those who you feel should be there. You are in the process of change, try and enjoy this period and make plans for the future. Then when you emerge from this transformation process you will be ready to fly.


Your week may be quite difficult for you as you may feel like you are being slightly victimised! In one area of your life, you could see that everything suddenly changes and where you were progressing, you will suddenly feel like everything is slipping away from you. This sounds dire, but perhaps you should have been spreading your energy across all areas of your life, now you will have a chance to do so, this will restore balance!


You will receive praise for a job well done! This is overdue, although you may have given up on receiving any recognition for your efforts you will be pleased when you do! You will also have the opportunity to study later this year, if you accept this chance you will not regret it. A visit to a church will be enlightening, this old historic building holds the answers to a question which you have been asking!  


This week you may feel slightly disappointed! Something was going along so well but now seems to be going in the opposite direction. This will be frustrating, and it could make you feel slightly upset and like you have let yourself down or that someone else has let you down. You may feel like your cup is half empty, but this feeling will pass quickly, and you will soon be back on top in a surprising way!


You have the chance to make this week exceptional! You will find that you have the ability to see opportunities where normally they will have passed you by unnoticed. You have all the tools that you need to create the life you want and yet you seem to lack openings which will bring you what you want! This week that all changes, be brave and take a chance.


You believe that in all your dealing you complete everything correctly, but this week the energy may make you want to rush things or do a shabby job. When you feel under pressure, you can forget things or make mistakes, this week avoid that happening by making lists, looking at instructions and asking for help if you are unsure. Some home decorating will be a great success.


Your attention this week will be on your family! If you are a mother, then you will feel your children need added support! You will enjoy nurturing and caring, especially if you have been busy recently and not been around as much as usual. This will be a week where you will need to be flexible as your plans may change at the last minute!


This will be a week of success for you! You will have been trying to get something or to achieve a goal for a while, but you will not have been able to see a way to get what you want, this week everything will simply fall in your lap. Try not to blow your own trumpet too much, other people possibly harbour jealousy towards you already and maybe surprisingly bitter if you brag! Enjoy your success though, after all, you have worked hard for it!


You are going to be very hard working this week! You will also begin to consider learning a new skill or talent! This week is all about clearing the decks, so you can begin to build on your own abilities and make yourself happier. You will be restoring order in your life too, the more you can complete the better you will feel, and you will be able to relax.  This week you can accomplish a lot – once you find the motivation to begin!


Financial planning should be at the forefront of your mind this week, the more you plan the brighter your future will be! You could look at what has happened in the past where your money is concerned, did you learn lessons from those occurrences or did you repeat your actions again? The past will have a clear lesson for you, try and see it and not repeat it, as you plan for your future!


This is a week for you to regain your balance! You will have felt drained lately, as you will have faced a difficult situation, or you will have been very busy! Now it is time to find some inner peace! Try and put your own needs first, surround yourself with people who make you feel good, and eat well and get ample rest! These easy steps will work like a charm and by next weekend you will feel restored and calm.