Tarotscopes 7th November November 07 2020

The Tarotscopes are back! I do hope that you will enjoy them! The energy will be very mixed this week, and how it affects you will very much depend on your mindset. Try and be mindful, if you live in the moment you will most likely enjoy your week and be very productive! 

Whilst I was taking a break I have been studying and working deeper with the Akashic Records. I am hoping to offer you all Akashic Reading closer to Christmas or the New Year, but for this week only I am offering you Past Lives Readings which are channelled from your Akashic Records. Would you like to learn more?


You may feel a bit tetchy as this week begins. Tensions have been building for a while and this week things could come to a head. Three people who seem to be connected; may make you feel like they are ganging up against you. Is this really what is happening, or are you simply feeling more sensitive than usual? Be mindful before you blow your top, and you may save yourself extra tension.


This could be a difficult week for you, you may feel out of your depth or rather alone. Please do nolt worry about this, you simply need to settle down, and be accepting – which does not mean being a doormat!  Go with the flow more. Everything is happening in divine order. Relax, enjoy and be yourself, things are about to get a lot more exciting. 


You will work hard this week and prove yourself to be a very confident and reliable person, and this will give you a great boost. Times are very different for everybody, but this week you will begin to shine. Your resourcefulness will be recognised by others, and by yourself at last! You will realise that there is nothing that you cannot overcome.


People around you may be a little challenging this week. You may find that colleagues or associates are not pulling their weight, or that family and friends are not being helpful. When you get blocked by other people’s inaction it can be frustrating, but this week keep pushing. You can get great results with determination, tact and patience.


You will be magnetic this week, people will be drawn to you and you will feel as if you are spending your days talking or socialising! This will be a lot of fun for you, as you may have been feeling a little isolated or friendless lately, and that is never good for a lion! You may not be in the same room as those you are interacting with, but it will be fun all the same.


You may find you have worries about money this week! It seems you could experience a financial loss, or that you do not have a much as you normally do this time of year. There is not much that you can do about it right at the moment except to tighten your belt and think about ways you can cut your expenditure. Don’t worry, soon you will be back on track but for now simply keep going and wait.


You will make a good move this week, this shift may happen mentally rather than physically, but it is a positive shift. If you have been battling something or someone then a positive outcome will suddenly present itself. If you have been battling yourself then you will become inspired to change your mindset. You can and you will. This week you will really feel that it is possible.


Scorpios are very deep, they hold things within and analyse things quietly until they reach a conclusion. This week this is exactly what you will be doing. You will spend a lot of time om contemplation and meditation. You will begin to connect with your inner self and you will find meaning for what you are experiencing. This is a good week for you, as naturally you are very psychic, and when you use these gifts you find your peace.


You face a very busy week! There will be so much for you to do, lots to organise and plan. You will be in your element, so long as you enjoy what you are doing. Try and plan your time and write yourself a list for the day, as if you become overwhelmed you will feel like its not worth doing anything! The key to this week is organisation, time management and keeping busy! You will get a big buzz from achieving, make that your goal.


You will be being extra careful this week, and you may be wondering why! Instead of fighting these feelings, you may be best to simply allow yourself to be aware of what is going on around you at that precise moment rather than worrying about things that you cannot change. Being mindful will allay your fears, and allow you to complete your week in a calmer way, with way less stress. Control your mind this week, change negative thoughts to positive and you will really enjoy yourself.


This week you will realise that you are amply qualified to handle all the situation you face, and you have many more talents which you are not using! This self-belief could be lifechanging if you allow it to be, but even if you feel more reserved you can make major choices this week which you could have been putting off. This will be a good week for you, which could be great if you only dare to believe in yourself.


You will have a fabulous week! You will realise that you have so much love to give, and also that you are loved by others! This will come as both a shock and a relief. If your relationship has been shaky, or you feel stuck in your love life, be ready as a big shift will begin this week which will change everything. As the Beatles song says, “All you need is love!” Most of you will really feel this by the end of this week.