Tarotscopes 7th Jan 2018 January 07 2018


Here are this week's Tarotscopes! For most signs, this will be a good week! All the planets are in forward motion, this is rare, it is an inspiring time, one which if you act now you will be able to reach your goals and perhaps go beyond. Would you like to learn how to manifest using my Spell Casting techniques? Click Here for more information. 



This week a wish will come true for you! This is something that you have been wanting for a while and it will make you start to believe that anything can happen if you believe! This new faith in yourself and your manifestation abilities will raise your vibration and make you feel much happier. This is a nice week, make sure you enjoy it!


The holidays are over and now you will need to knuckle down and really begin to put your plans for the New Year into action! You may feel a little frustrated, as work or jobs to do will be getting in the way of your new ideas. Practice some time management especially when you are at home and you will manage to find the time for everything and feel accomplished!


This will be a fabulous week for you! You will be riding on the crest of a wave of energy which will not only give you a good sense of well-being, but it will also crush any obstacles which stand in your way! Make a list of what you truly would like in 2018, this will switch your focus and give you the chance to follow your dreams.


This could be a difficult week for you, you may be still struggling to let go of some anger or upset, or perhaps you are still anchored in the past? You will feel like you are fighting a losing battle as each way your turn your way will be blocked. It is time for you to have some fresh ideas, to act upon your feelings more and to let go of the past?


You will feel on edge this week, you will be feeling like something is about to happen but you have no concrete evidence to prove that you are right. Ask yourself why are you feeling this way, do you need to make changes in your life so that you can relax and feel more secure? Once you answer that question then you will know what to do next!


Are you giving and taking in equal amounts? Or are you demanding more than you are giving in any situation? If you are experiencing some problems in your relationship, then perhaps you need to assess if the way you are behaving is rational! If this relates to our work, again try putting yourself in your boss’s shoes! Switching perspective will things seem clearer.


Your week will be all about fun! You will really enjoy being in the company of your friends and having some routine back! This week you will laugh a lot and enjoy yourself more than you have in ages! This big shift in energy and happiness is set to last through until mid-March, make sure you set in place changes which extend this phase for the rest of the year.


You are a very deep person, you hold inside a lot of feelings and emotions and very few people really know you well! This week you will want to crawl into your shell, you find comfort in your own space, to be with your thoughts and to get things straight in your own mind. You are about to take a big step in life, take this week to make peace with your doubts and fears.


You are most likely a very sociable person, but it is also good for you to have your own space! You are the zodiac’s philosophers and even if you do not realise it you are thinking way more than other people do! This week, you will find the space you desire and ponder the meaning of life and Universal mysteries. A nice, gentle week lies ahead for you!


How are you feeling? This week your sense of well-being may not be too high! You may be feeling limited by your finances, circumstances or your health. It is time to take action, to work at regaining your control over yourself and your body. This week you could be inspired, but you will need to set your mind on making improvements in your life and then follow the guidance you are offered.


At this moment, you are your own worst enemy! Your mind is playing tricks on you and your thoughts are sometimes spiralling out of control. When you meet a challenge in your life have you not always overcome it? Remember that as you pass through this week. If you have something to worry about then take action, if not then try and relax in the knowledge that you can cope with anything!


It is time for you to draw a line under your past and begin again. There is someone or something which used to be part of your life that you cannot move on from, but this week you will find the strength to do so. This is a very positive step, but it will take strength and courage. In moving forward, you will restore your natural balance, so, all areas of your life will improve.