Tarotscopes 6-5-18 May 06 2018

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You may be being impulsive or insensitive at the moment! This could mean that you are not fully considering other people’s emotions or ideas, and this may lead to friction. If you are seeking love, you may be attracting the wrong kind of suitors, this would be a good time to step back and reassess what you require from a partner and what you are projecting.


You will walk barefoot in the woods at every available opportunity this week! This may be just in your garden, but you can close your eyes and imagine the trees around you! Being at one with nature will happen naturally this week, even if you live in a city!           You will have a calm perspective in all your dealings, this will bring clarity and the elusive answers that you have been seeking.


You will have many opportunities this week, but you may not notice them all unless you have your eyes wide open! You may feel limited by your own fears or constraints that you imagine are restricting you, if so, this week try and do something out of the ordinary simply to prove that you can! All your limitations are self-imposed, this week try and push your boundaries.


You will feel judged this week! You may feel as if someone’s attitude is unfair or that their words are unnecessary! It is likely the problem lies with them not you, but you will still feel like it is not fair! This will affect your mood this week but do try and feel positive and let everything blow over, it will pass and then everything will go back to normal.


A wonderful week lies ahead for you! Something you have been hoping for will happen and this will seem like a dream come true. You will be daydreaming a bit too! This is fine, what starts as a dream can be turned into a goal. This is an inspirational week, you will receive divine guidance for your next step forward, be open and accepting of signs and synchronicities. Things are getting better!


You will make a strong connection with your past this week! This will mean that either someone will come back into your life from the past, or that you will revisit a place which holds strong memories for you. This blast from the past may open old wounds, but this is a good thing, you are a stronger person now and you will be able to release some of the limitations that your past created.


You may feel that money is slipping through your fingers this week! You may have a big bill to pay, or perhaps you want something which you just can’t afford! If you persevere a little longer then you will see money begins to flow easier soon! This is a week to be cautious with your finances and if you have spent too much to be patient as more funds will be on their way!


You will have contentment this week! You will find your home is filled with happiness and light and it is where you will want to be. Many of you will have a heavy work schedule and staying at home may not be possible, but the few stolen hours that you will manage will make everything seem worthwhile. Things take time to grow, develop patience and keep going, they will get better!


It is time for you to assess your motivation! If you are being extra kind and generous to others is this motivated by kindness or are you seeking power through your actions? This kind of question will lead you to understand where your needs lie. Give and take in equal measure and you will feel more peaceful. But, most of all be yourself!


Your week will be filled with sunshine! There is so much happiness around you that the light will shine from you as well. If you are not yet feeling this happiness, then stop for a few minutes, look at all the good things in life, walk in the country and look at all the flowers in the hedgerows and the lambs in the fields. This happiness is there for you, tap into it and have a great week!


You will be faced with a choice this week, you will need to decide whether you will progress forward on the path you are on or if you will branch out and try something new. This choice may be hidden in what seems a simple act, but it will still lead to big changes in your future. In romance, things will develop quickly, be sure that it is what you want.


This week you may let your anxieties rule your mind. If you are prone to doing this then try and take a step back and look at the situation with clear sight. This could be a pleasant week for you if you do not get overly emotionally involved with a person or situation that is wrong for you. Sleepless nights, minor illnesses and other anxiety related issues will be controlled if you seek clarity.