Tarotscopes 3-3-19 March 03 2019


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This will be a good week for you, you will feel a lot more daring than you have been lately. You have more than you need to live a comfortable life, and this week you will realise this and relax a little. You will start to want to clean and tidy a lot, your home is very important to you and when you are getting it just how you like it, you are very happy.  


You will feel like you are fighting against the tide this week, you will push and push but feel like you are being knocked back! It is quite important that you do not give up, that you keep pushing because as the week ends you will suddenly surge forward and gain what it is you are seeking. There will be news of a house move for someone who you are close to.


Love will surround you this week, but you may feel quite alone. There are many different forms of love and some of you will be seeking a romantic partner who may have seemed elusive, this week a chance remark will lift your spirits and show you that your intuition has been correct. There is further to go yet, but at least you will know you are going in the right direction.   


You may encounter a flirtatious person this week, this person will make you laugh but they will go as quickly as they came so try not to become attached! You will be attracted to buying something which is either peacock related, or peacock coloured, this will be a spontaneous purchase, but you will be happy you bought it


Your plans for this week may be disrupted as things begin to change around you. Change is good, and you can do anything you need to cancel at a later time if you need to! You may find any upheaval difficult, but it does have a purpose, so try and make a new plan and go with the flow a little. If you receive some bad news, remember that sometimes the old has to go to make way for the new!


You have a lot if knowledge and experience, and this week you will be thinking about how to use your skills to good advantage. If you can combine what you have done in the past with what you do now, then you will find you have discovered your true passion. You will be happier than you have been in a while as the week ends.


You will be extra solid and reliable this week as you support someone close to you or you prop up someone in your workplace. Many people rely on you, but you may not be aware of just how much, this week you will realise that you help many just by being you. You will be resilient, and you will carry on smiling what ever this week throws at you.




You may feel a little frustrated this week, as things will seem not to be moving forward. You will find the next seven days will be very routine, which normally would be acceptable to you, but this week you will be feeling like you are anticipating something happening, but you are not sure what! Things will begin to move soon, in the meantime enjoy some familiarity.


You will have a nice week as long as you do not think your plans are set in stone! This week be flexible, as you will have bursts of spontaneity which will be pure genius! Act on your inspiration this week, as you will be being divinely guided forward. You will be drawn to something which is coloured brick red, this could be clothing, furnishing or something larger, but it will be a good choice.


You will be repressing your emotions this week, holding in words that normally you would speak and not saying how you feel. This will lead to you feeling a little isolated as rather than speak out you may decide to step back. It would be better to behave as you normally would, but for some reason, you will feel that staying quiet is the best option.


This week you are being given a green light to go for your dreams and goals. You will have had an idea recently which now you are being urged to follow up with action. You will feel more adventurous than you have done for a while and if some danger lies ahead it will seem so very thrilling! Taking the first steps will seem challenging but then your motivation will drive you on.


You will face some challenges this week, as you have ideas which you feel positive about, but others may seem to be getting in your way. This could become frustrating if you let it, but if you try and rephrase your thoughts you may find others become more supportive. Think about your presentation and you could make this week very positive indeed.