Tarotscopes 29th July 2018 July 29 2018

The massive energy of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse last Friday will have affected many of you and in some cases will have totally recoursed your life. This week's Tarotscopes are reflecting the change in energy and hopefully, this will help you balance the changes you will experience over the next two weeks! 


You may feel as if life has just ground to a halt this week, this is possibly created because your life has been full of adventures recently and now you are back to routine! If an issue you have been dealing with has ground to a halt, then simply put it out of your mind for a short time, things will get moving again and when they do progress will be rapid. Try and see this week as a chance to rest and look after yourself!


You will receive an invitation this week which will be a lot of fun! If you can possibly find a way to join in with the friend who is inviting you then you will not regret it! It seems that you may have been feeling a little isolated recently, everyone seems so busy and you are often left alone. This is the time to be with others, to become part of a team or to socialise a lot more than you have been. Be brave and take the initiative to mingle again.


You will feel generous this week, as you will suddenly realise that you have been taking more than you have been giving! This generosity could be a kind act, or spending time with people who need someone to talk to, it is not necessarily handing out the cash! If you can find a good healthy balance in all relationships and friendships you will feel much more valued in your life. This is a week of kindness and acceptance, enjoy it!


This week you will experience some success, but you may feel like you have also lost something which may taint your victory! Try and focus on what you have achieved, however big or small this success is. So, if you get a new job and have to leave your friends behind, focus on the success and not the loss! If you can keep this perspective this week, then you enjoy yourself immensely, if you focus on the disappointment this week will feel very long.


Your week will contain some lovely moments! One of these will relate to your financial situation! This will be a good week which will be filled with happy news. Your home life will also improve, as you will begin to feel valued and loved. Success is yours this week! Remember,  if you like a conventional life and you find money brings you security, then this week acknowledge that is the way you are and that it is a perfectly acceptable way to live as long as you are happy!


You will feel very loved this week! This could be a new partner if you are single, or if you are attached a romantic and loving gesture will be very special! Regardless of your emotional situation, you will feel the love of your family and your friends. This is a really nice feeling, but also remember that you need to love yourself! Try and realise how much people value you and then allow yourself to begin valuing your own being as well!



You will have a really nice week in which you will feel pleased that you are able to do all the things that you want to do.  You will feel self-reliant and independent this week as your confidence grows and your life seems to have become more fulfilling. As long as you are down to earth and return home at regular periods this week will be amazing! Stay grounded and only take calculated risks and you will find happiness comes easily.


You will face some challenges this week, these will mainly be in your mind as you will find that you are being very creative in your thoughts, but these thoughts may not be too positive! Try and live more in the moment, if something goes a little wrong you will deal with it easier if you have not been worrying about it happening! This is a week to focus on what you are doing and not allowing your mind to run wild! Keep busy and be mindful.


Travel and movement are highly likely this week! Some people will have trips planned, but for others you will be out and about more, travelling around the area where you live. This movement is good for you and as you pass through your journey you will find a lot of your worries and fears are laid to rest. You are moving away from difficulties and very soon you will be also moving away from situations and circumstances that have been uncomfortable.


If you have been looking for a new beginning especially in your work or career, then this week you will take the first steps you need to take to make this change. These steps may be tentative, but often the first steps are the hardest! Deciding to change will happen quickly for you and if you keep the momentum going you will be making giant leaps forward in the next couple of months. Be brave, be daring but most of all be yourself and you will not go wrong.


You will receive a message this week which will be good news for you! This message could have taken a long time arriving, but you knew deep inside that one day it would come! You will take a let’s get on with the job approach to life this week! Whether you are clearing your house of junk, or tackling a big project at work, you are ready and able to roll your sleeves up and get stuck in!  Once you begin you will be unstoppable!


If an obstacle can get in your way this week, it will! You will feel challenged by people, life and situations which all seem to want to stop you in your tracks! But what can you do to change this bleak sounding week? The answer is quite simple, change your perspective, consider that the way you are proceeding or the demand you are placing on yourself or others may be too much! When life gets in your way, it is time to stop and think, am I going in the right direction?