Tarotscopes 29 April 2018 April 29 2018

Here are this weeks Tarotscopes which reflect how the Full Moon energy will affect your Star Sign.If you are feeling lost or stuck at the moment you may be interested in a Brand New and Totally Exclusive New Reading The Beltane 7, Click Here to read more!



You will face some challenges this week! These will seem like irritations, as you like to feel in control and when things do not go to plan, or someone throws a spanner in the works, you can overreact and make things much worse. Try to stay calm this week, deal with situations as they arise, and you will pass through the week smoothly and by the end of the week be a little wiser.


You will feel pulled in two directions, one way will be the safe practical path, but the other way will be what you really want to do! If you have made moves to make your dream a reality but it is not progressing how you planned, then you will need to add extra energy to it rather than believing that everything will suddenly happen on its own!


Money is coming to you! This week you will either receive these funds or you will receive word that you are due this payment. Family and home will also be high on the list of what you would like to improve! New furniture, decorating or Spring cleaning will suddenly feel like something you would like to do! This is a nice week, enjoy it to the full!


If you would like to progress a plan or scheme this week, you will need to follow a laid down procedure! This is a week for you to follow protocol, rather than do things your own ways. This may seem a bit orthodox and old-fashioned, but it will propel you forward quickly. You could meet a spiritual person who you will connect with, or read the works of a spiritual teacher, who is new to you.


This week you will feel more abundant than you have recently. You will be developing your confidence and building stronger connections with those who are in your life. You will begin to connect with nature more, and, if you enjoy walks in the sunshine you will feel even better than you do now! Your nurturing side will be strong, and you will enjoy your home and keeping others comfortable and well fed!


Money will be on your mind this week! You may realise that you do not have enough to complete what you have set your heart on, or perhaps you are worrying about how you are going to pay for something you owe! Also, you may be feeling a little lost spiritually, as if you have been abandoned by the universe to face things alone! This is not the case and working on reconnecting will help you find direction and the answers.


You will feel more content than you have been lately! Your home and your family will be top priority for you and if that is where you place most of your energy then your week will fly past on a wave of high energy. This will be a lovely week for you. Invite your friends and your family around, enjoy your own home and your garden if you have one!


This week you will be looking to the future. You are entering a highly creative phase, one which will see you taking on new challenges with excitement and originality. You seem to be aware of a threshold, which you are still to cross, but looking past this threshold into the future which is laid bare before you, will give you foresight and help you make choices now.


You have a goal in life and this week you will need to keep your focus as distractions will be all around you. Things are not as they seem and this week if you are careful and curious then you may find out who or what you are not seeing properly. The illusion of life will fascinate you and this week you will be tempted to delve into deeper realms.


Hold on to what you have! This week, if you are not careful money will slip through your fingers! But, this advice does not only apply to your finances, it also relates to your home, your family and your job! Do you feel grateful for everything in your life? This week be thankful, you have a lot and by valuing everything you will ensure that you hold on to everything and improve your situation all round!


Tolerance and self-discipline will get the job done this week! You have the ability to keep your head in a crisis as long as you have not had too long to overthink things first! Overthinking is possibly something that you often do, and you will know simply adds to your stress! Keep a calm approach to current events and you will see through the illusions which surround them.


Do you feel like a victim sometimes? As you are one of the most sensitive and emotional signs of the zodiac you can sometimes feel a little paranoid! You also are strongly intuitive, and highly empathic, if you listen to your intuition and contain your own energies through practising protection you will feel much better. You may want to rescue someone if so, make sure they need rescuing first!