Tarotscopes 29-03-20 March 29 2020

Are you ready for some Tarotscopes? Its been a while but tonight they are back! 

So many of you are supporting me and I wuld just like to say Thank you!

Everyone is adjusting to our new reality, and some of you may be feeling fearful or struggling. If you are I hope that these little scopes help you to cope! If you would like a personal guidance message which is completed using clairvoyance and Tarot you can book a Special Reading, which is designed for now and our current energy, and it only costs £4.99. which is approx.$6.21 USD approx. 

Please click here to book, and again thank you for your support! 


You are determined to make the best of this situation and keep busy! You may be cleaning, baking and making lovely meals! Being busy, and your home are very important to you. You will also be feeling frustrated, others in your home may be busy working and you are feeling that you are not fully appreciated. This is not the case, try and relax. A proper routine including in home exercise will help you a lot!


Are you beginning to feel the strain of isolation? Perhaps you have forgotten all the positives you have in your life and you are thinking of what you do not have! But, try and think long term, what changes would you like to make once this is all over? Are you grateful for your health? Remember taking your anger and frustration out on others will help no one. Yoga is the answer for you, grab a mat and begin straight away?


It seems that you should be coping well with the current situation, if you are not then it is purely down to your perspective! Are you living day to day? Not worrying too much about the future? No? This is what you need to do! You may feel that this is pointless and that you just want things to go back to normal, but the truth is that this is likely to go on some months yet! Live in the moment, if people are stressed or anxious know they are afraid, and help them out a little!


Oh dear! You are feeling challenged! People are not sticking to the plan and you seem to be meeting with obstacles and challenges all the time. Its time to stop! You are responsible for yourself and those who are dependent on you, and this is where your focus needs to be. Your life has changed dramatically, and all you can do is centre, look at what you have and decide what you can do to make the best of your situation. The world is not against you, quite the contrary, we are all united. You will settle into your new routine once you relax a little.


You are in an admirable position! You have all that you need, you possibly have the funds to maintain yourself and your family for the duration and yet you still are complaining! This is how things are now, it will not be forever, and in truth you are a leader, and if you utilise this skill, lift your vibration and lead by example then you will see that everyone in your home will react the same. Set daily tasks, stop stressing about small things and start to enjoy being in your home with your loved ones.


You will be one of the most positive signs of the zodiac at the moment, if not then you should be. Your main issue is that you will want to rush head long into things whilst those around you may be taking longer to adjust. If this is the case you are fighting a losing battle, remember everyone is dealing with things differently and you cannot place your zest on those who are not ready just yet. Use up your excess energy in new and inventive ways and whilst you wait for others to pass through the stages of this transition stay positive.



You need to balance! You are being extreme in your actions, this may mean you are over doing the work, the cleaning or the home schooling, or perhaps you have gone the other way and doing nothing all day but thinking and eating! It is time for you to find the midpoint, to walk the line between the two ways of living. You are the sign of balance; without it you will be struggling. Begin today, schedule your day, include some meditation and if you have a garden go outside a while. The stars are beautiful at the moment, pause and look up more.


You are so restricted and although you are a spiritual sign, you are also a deep thinker and at the moment you are overthinking which is never good! Try learning something new, you may enjoy the company of others but at this time you only have who is in your home, which don’t forget includes you! Set aside time for yourself and put your thoughts on a new talent or skill. Sign up for an online course in something you have always wanted to learn but never had time! Take something positive away from this time of isolation and stop worrying!


For many Sagittarians this event has been very difficult! You like to be the life of the party, even if that is only in your own house and you may have felt yourself having to soldier on regardless of how you are feeling. You have light inside you, you can shine, but first you need to allow yourself some time. You are creative, diverse and a philosopher, become this. Soon you will be smiling again, but first you need to keep occupied with a cause which touches your soul. It is you who will bring the light to your home, gaining your focus now will set you on the right track.


You are ready! You are releasing so many memories, so much old karma and as soon as the current situation is over you will be walking forward into a bright new future as a new you! You will feel more real, unique and yet connected to every other living person. You are connecting with the planet, and this can be hard. Shedding the old you, your old lifestyle and your old beliefs. You are awakening, and you may feel like you are struggling. You will face your fears, you will try and cling on to the past and you will overthink. One day you will wake feeling reborn, know that day is coming and do not back away from the challenges now.


You are throwing yourself into things! This is brilliant, your focus will be on the moment, not on the future but on what you are doing now! This means you will be entertaining yourself, and balancing yourself. You are coping really well. You see and sense the fear in others, but you are sensible enough to know that these people will reach where you are in their own time. You may also be trying to schedule the day for others too, this may not be going down too well! Remember everyone is in the same boat, and you cannot be what you are not. Take your time, drink some tea and chill it’s a waiting game for you!


You are being generous! You are giving your time and your advice freely! But are you feeling this is being reciprocated and returned? This may be where you are struggling the most, but don’t let that hold you back.  You are highly sensitive, and you may be feeling energies and vibrations which others are not. Try not to let this trouble you too much, we all have different roles to play now even though we are all one. Be aware that your finetuning is part of a master plan! Welcome these changes as they are setting you right for what is to come.