Tarotscopes 24th June 2018 June 24 2018

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This week you may feel judged, and this will be making you feel defensive! The reason you feel judged will differ for each of you, for some it could be related to gossip, for others a work situation and for some test results or applications! Whichever it is for you, then try and relax, this is a process and worrying will not speed anything up! If it is gossiping you are dealing with, hold your head up high and show that they are not bothering you.


If you have been struggling with a situation then this week you will realise that you no longer need to be playing a part in this particular drama. Sometimes, life creates situations which feel like everything you are doing has become impossible to sustain any longer, this is when it is time for a new beginning and to cut loose from the negativity which has begun to envelop you. The signs are there for you, simply tune in, see them and follow the direction they are sending you.


This week you will have an important choice to make! This probably will come a little out of the blue and you will be made to feel like you need to give an immediate answer! If you are unsure which way to progress, then take a little time and think about all the pros and cons which are involved. The most important thing is what you really want to do, try not to be pressurised into doing what others think is the best thing for you!



This week you will feel a lot more positive than you have been recently! You will feel your energy flowing and this will give you a great sense of wellbeing. Enjoy this week, you will be relaxed, on top of things and filled with hope for the future! If you have money troubles then this week, they will not seem as bad as they have done. This will be a lovely week for you, make sure you enjoy yourself fully!


Finally, you will be able to find an honourable way for you to solve any issue which has been bothering you. This will come as a relief to you! You will be able to see through the fog and get to the heart of your problem and feel like you have been fair. This will be a relief to you as you will begin to feel free! Try not to rush into something new, enjoy a period of respite and sort out in your mind what you would like next!


This is a week to use your energy wisely and analyse the situations you face with a clear and detached mind. This also is a week for some caution, try not to rush headlong into something new, instead, take a step back and see how you feel in a few days’ time.  You may feel like if you discuss your beliefs then you may face ridicule or isolation, but just think if you were open and honest about who you are, would you not feel much better?



This will be a week of change for you, this may be plans that change, or your routine may be varied due to unexpected circumstances. These changes are simply you being shown a different way of doing things so should be welcomed and not stressed about! But for a few of you, you will find the changes are larger and more significant. If this is you, then expect following these changes that your life will be far better than it is now. Have faith!


A message will bring you good news, this news will lift your spirits and make you feel that all your hard work has been worth it! This week you will also find that you are thinking of practical solutions and setting yourself realistic aims. This will keep you very grounded and you will experience a good sense of well-being, which will be really nice. Each task you complete will lift you higher, and realistic goals will inspire you.


This week the slow energy will persist, and things will still feel like they still are at a standstill. But, as you are the most resourceful of all the signs, you will divert your attention to a person or a cause who needs nurturing and caring for. If you are a parent, then this could be your child but if you do not have kids, it could be someone who needs help badly. Consider too, how your relationship with your own mother is, perhaps some attention could go there too?


You will be challenging yourself this week, this may make you feel anxious as your mind will be working overtime as you think about what may go wrong!  You may find that you often overthink things, which actually creates more problems that you actually have. Try and relax a little, start to believe that this challenge is something that you can handle and enjoy! This is a week to believe in yourself – you can do it!


This week, you will feel like fate is playing a role in your life! You will seem to be in the right place at the right time or you will suddenly hear the information that you have been wanting to find out. This will be good, but also you may find that you are wondering why suddenly everything is happening which is giving you what you would like. Try and go with the flow this week, as resisting this energy will be futile.


It is time for you to take a step back and relax! You need to look after yourself more, this means mentally as well as physically! You may have been feeling drained lately, and when you feel this way you will find that the smallest thing annoys you or you blow things way out of proportion! Watch your diet, drink lots of water and exercise as often as you can, even if this is only walking to the shop! These small changes will make a big difference to your week.