Tarotscopes 24-2-19 February 24 2019

Here are this week's Tarotscopes, I hope you enjoy them!




You are heading for a lovely and content week! Last week may have been a little stress filled, tiring or disappointing, but this week will make up for any disappointments you have had. You will realise that where you are is where you want to be, and this will seem a great relief! Enjoy this week! Even if you have a lot to do, this week will have some very special moments.  


A wish will come true for you this week, but it may slip by unnoticed if you are distracted by any negativity you are experiencing. The wish which will happen will be something that you once wanted desperately, it has taken a while but now it is happening. Enjoy this, as even though your mind has possibly moved on to something else, you can still benefit from having something you once desired.


You will encounter a woman who is blunt and to the point! You may already know this woman, and if so, you will find you are communicating with her more often as this week progresses. Stay detached, let her carry on whilst you stay immune to her barbs. Look after your hands and nails this week, you may be prone to a small injury or dryness which may become a problem.  


You will have a week of changes! What you have planned for the next seven days will most likely change suddenly! This will be a blessing in disguise, as you could use a rest and these changes will allow you to do so! You seem to have some illusions around you, make sure that you see things clearly rather than being swayed by the opinions of others.


Are you deceiving yourself? Do you believe in something which may not be right, or maybe you are convincing yourself what you are doing is what is right for you? This week you will see through a charade, you will look deeper and find the meaning of all that is happening. This is enlightening, but also may be straining. Lift the lid and look deeper, you will be glad that you did.


Determination is your keyword for this week! In all things, you will need to persist!  You may feel downhearted, or a little demoralized, but keep going! If you can push through this week, whilst staying on track, you will make great progress. Let no one stand in your way, work around issues and persist, you will get the results you are after just in the nick of time.


This week you have the power to be, or to achieve anything you would like to! But, in order to take advantage of this amazing gift, you will need to believe in yourself and that what you want in your life is right for you. Many people miss these opportunities because they have no self-belief or motivation. Work hard this week to believe in yourself.


You are going to be exceptionally lucky this week! It will see that around each corner you will find yourself in the right place at the right time! You may have been struggling lately, but take a break this week, as lady luck will shine on you! You may feel like fate is having a hand in your life, if so, relax and follow your intuition, then you will not go wrong.


A wonderful; week lies ahead for you! This will be a week of happiness, laughter and joy! You may have one or two things to do which may seem challenging, but even these will flow nicely, and you will smile to think you may have been concerned about some situations! This is a week of happiness, some sunshine and a bounce in your step. Enjoy!


The joy of sending some time alone, relaxing in your own space and doing what you want to do! Of course, often reality is different altogether, and you may feel bored, restless or lonely! This week you will crave your own space, to retreat from life and other people just for a short while, when you get this chance do try and make the most of it!


You will tend to overthink things this week, and this could make you imagine problems where there are none! Overthinking can be destructive for you, try and be mindful and pass this week easier by keeping your mind busy. If you do have a problem, then you will deal with it, if you worry or dwell on something which may or not happen all you will do is make stress!


A lovely week for you, in which you will finally realise not only that you are good enough, but also that you have enough! One of the biggest battles people have is with themselves, but this week you will not put yourself down nor hold yourself back. A lovely week, and just maybe the foundations for your future may be being set as well?