Tarotscopes 24-03-19 March 24 2019

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You will feel like you are in a good place in your life this week, everything will simply fit together perfectly, and you will feel proud of your choices and your perseverance. You have not been on the easiest journey through life, but for this week at least you will feel like you have just about everything you need.


You are blessed with endless inner strength, if you doubt this, then look back at all you have endured and where you are now! You have worked through some immense challenges so far in your life, so why do you worry about what may come next? This week change your perspective, you can handle anything life throws at you!


A new opportunity will come your way this week, this may be a new job, a promotion, a new hobby or involvement in a fund-raising committee or something similar. If you take this chance you will not regret it, but you will need to be decisive if you hesitate you may miss the opportunity. This is a week of new beginnings, not for self-doubt.


You may feel defensive this week after all nothing was your fault was it? If you feel like you are going to be blamed for something you may not feel you were responsible for, them make a case based on facts rather than waiting until you are accused and becoming upset! You may just be feeling sensitive, but it is best to be ready!


You may feel like things have finally begun to move forward when they grind to a halt again! Try not to feel frustrated, you have made big steps in the right direction, but things will only happen when the time is right! If you are hesitating about a business choice, then it is up to you this week to begin moving forward.


You will seek out your own space this week. Being on your own may not be something you enjoy too much, but this week you will long simply to just be! Do what you can to find that space, even if you only find a short period of respite, you will feel much better for it. You will also feel drawn to reading a book! This sounds strange but try and follow this inspiration.


This will be a fabulous week for you! You will feel like all our dreams are coming true, plus you will feel very content in your home and your life. The only issue you may have will come from your ability to overthink! Things are good, try to just enjoy this pleasant week. Don’t be too hard on yourself, or too logical.


A wish will come true for you this week, this will be something which may seem small to other people, but for you, it will mean a lot! You will be treated this week, this will be something which, again, maybe something small, but you will appreciate the gesture. This is a really nice week for you, relax and allow yourself to be spoiled.


Your routine or schedule will be turned upside down this week, as your plans change, and unexpected disruptions happen! This may not be as bad as it sounds, as you possibly need a rest, so others letting you down could be a blessing. Cash may be a little tight, and this may restrict you even further. You may feel like a bird in a cage, try and find alternative plans, rest or catch up with other things that you want to do.


Your mind will be working overtime this week! You will need to try and still your thoughts otherwise you will get all stressed out over nothing! If something bothers you, try not to fester over it, instead, either ask what is going on or discover the facts rather than letting your imagination run riot. Speaking out will not cause conflict, but overthinking will cause stress!


You will feel like the world is against you midweek! This may only be in one situation, like in your work, but whatever you do seems to be wrong! You will feel super sensitive and this will mean those closest to you will need to tread on eggshells around you!  Look at all the good things in your life and feel thankful you are so blessed, then you will switch your perspective quickly.


You will feel on edge this week, almost like you are waiting for something to happen but you do not know what! You may feel that this is your intuition is guiding you and these feelings are preparing you for something, but, most likely you are simply overtired or stressed through other matters. Look after yourself this week, next week you will feel better.