Tarotscopes 22nd April 2018 April 22 2018

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There is a message on its way to you which will turn your life around! For most of you this message will relate to finances, but for some, it will be news that you have been waiting for. You are ready to move in a new direction, but at the moment, you may not know what that direction is! Try not to be distracted from your current projects, loose ends need to be tied up.


Your thoughts will be on distant horizons this week! You will feel the lure of foreign shores, but you may have to settle for something closer to home for now! You will want to book an event which is further away than you normally go, if you decide to make this trip you will be very pleased that you went!


You will be thinking about the future and asking yourself what is next? You have accomplished a lot, but now you are ready to set new goals and targets. You will be working hard this week, almost like you are trying to prove to yourself that you can do everything, and you are ready for more. This is an excellent time to put in for a promotion.  


This week you will face a choice, this choice will seem like it is a big deal, but really you know exactly what you want! Take a chance and follow your heart. If you are single, then you will meet someone who could sweep you of your feet. Keep your eyes open as he/she may be a little shy! This is a nice week filled with opportunities for you.


You may feel burdened this week, you could have more worked heaped on you in your job, or there could be financial demands placed on you which you believe should be shared. You may feel like life is not fair! What you are not seeing is how much people value you and rely on you, if you open your eyes to this you will see that you are doing a good job and that life is great.


You will seek balance in your life this week! You would like to spend an equal amount of time in work as you do at home, you would like to feel on top of things and know that when you have time off you can relax. This balance is there for you, but at the moment you are pursuing a cause which is taking too much of your energy. Step back and think what you could release.


You will have a sociable week this week! You will suddenly find that things get going again! It is good for you to get out and mix with other people, this may be daytime activities such as lunch out or events on at school to watch or help at. Accept every offer that comes your way, the more you go out this week, the higher your energy will be.


This week you will realise that you are in a successful period in your life. Many of you will have achieved a long-held goal recently and are now working to make things a success! But, be careful that your drive for financial security is not affecting your relationships with others. You have worked so hard to get where you are, try and relax and enjoy the moment more.


You will have a strong desire to spend time alone this week. Normally, you are very outgoing and enjoy being around other people and making them laugh, but this week you really will want special alone time to look within and make plans for the future. You are ready for a change, this week you will find all the answers when you are in your own space with your own company.


This week you will need to knuckle down and get on with the job! This will be very gratifying once you have worked up the energy to begin your task. For some people, this task will be a personal endeavour, but for others, it will be something which you have put of doing at work, whichever it is, you will really enjoy doing it this week!


You will receive some money this week! This is always nice and to get more than you expect is great! You will find that your home will have added importance this week, you like a happy and content home, somewhere where you can relax without feeling there is always something to do. This week your goal will be to make your home a nicer place to be.


This week you will be re-evaluating your life so far! You will have your focus on relationships and finances. Ask yourself are you happy with the way things are? And if not, what are you going to do about it! There seems to be some frustration, you feel like you are trying but not getting anywhere, a new approach now will get you much more success than you have been having.