Tarotscopes 21-01-19 January 21 2019

Here are this weeks Tarotscopes! I hope that you enjoy them. 




A wonderful week lies ahead for you, one in which your hopes and dreams will begin to come true! Expect news which will change your path in life slightly, this is something to welcome as it will place you in the right place to receive, without being too disruptive. This will be a lovely week, one with a few surprises and lots of happiness.


You may feel tense like an argument is brewing, but you are holding back from becoming involved! This tension will continue to build until you feel like you are backed into a corner and you will then speak your mind. Choose the words you say carefully, as you could pave the way to reforms in the relationship rather than causing a rift.


A message is coming for you which will lift your spirits! This message may be something you are waiting to hear, rather than a surprise, but seeing or hearing it will make it real! Once you receive that message, whether it is about finances, romance, health or something else, you will feel blessed as everything else just seems to fit in place.


Are you imagining problems where there are none? You will have a tendency to overthink this week, and this could make you feel tense and depressed. Try and take a step back, so you do not become overwhelmed. Taking action is the only way to remove your tension, and if you are only fearing things which could happen, detaching and keeping busy will help you.


You would be wise to do some financial planning this week! If you take a good hard look at where you are spending your money, you may be surprised! It seems a good review of your life so far will turn up some new ideas for you, perhaps revisiting a place you loved, or taking up an old hobby again. Spend time in reflection, and you will see what it is you have missed.  


 Are you judging someone too harshly/ It seems there could be a lady around you who is seeming a bit forceful, but perhaps she has your best interests at heart and knows that you could do better. If you feel tempted t to become embroiled in gossiping, try and sidestep the urge! It seems once the facts are known you will be glad that you did not misjudge the situation.


You may feel challenged this week, as you will meet with some obstacles which you had not anticipated. See these blockages as a call to think through your plans and see if they are really feasible. If you have a good review and then think how you can negotiate the delays, you will find you are back on track in no time.


Be prepared for some excitement this week, as you will be feeling on top of the World! Your sense of well-being will be high, and you may find you are unusually chatty! This is good news, as the contacts you make this week will help you in the future. It is time for a little adventure, so if an opportunity comes along for something a bit different give it a go!


You have clear plans in your mind for the coming year, you should have goals set and be working towards them already. This week, you will experience change, this change will put you on a better path and it seems is long overdue. You are brave and daring at times, and these changes will inspire greatness from you. A nice week, as long as you are adaptable.


You will receive a message which will come as a bit of a surprise! This message will lead to more for the future, but for now, it will simply be very nice to get! It seems that you have a vision of your future and that you most likely know a person who can turn that vision into reality. Now is the time to take the steps you need to, to become the person you would like to be.


This is a week for you to regain your balance and perspective in your life. It seems 2018 was draining and now the New Year has begun and you are settling into things again, you can review your life and make a little time for you. Try something out before you buy it, a rash purchase now could lead to regret later on.


Nobody really likes change too much, especially if you have made plans in your mind for the future. But, change is on its way, and this will seem difficult at the time, but it will lead to a brighter and happier future. Be willing to explore your own beliefs, and see how many are yours and how many you have been conditioned to believe, this will be eye-opening in many ways