Tarotscopes 1st July 2018 July 01 2018

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This will be a wonderful week for you, one in which you will get something that you really want! This may come as a surprise, but, for most of you, it will be something that you have been working towards or saving for!  You will have a great sense of achievement, however large or small your wish has been!


This could be a difficult week for you, you could feel like things could not get any worse! But, that is ok, as from this point everything will have to get better! Sometimes, we all need things to go like this to realise that it is time for a change! This week is important for your future, look carefully at what is not working for you and then look at creating a new plan


You are about to enter a phase of upbeat magnetism! You will think of someone, then, you will bump into them or they will call you! You will start attracting new and exciting people and situations into your life and this will lift your vibration even higher! Make yourself as attractive as possible, a new hairdo perhaps?


This week you will feel ready to start convincing others of your talents! You will finally begin to blow your own trumpet, but not in an arrogant way! You have gifts and talents, and now you will find you have the confidence to promote these! If you use this boost well, then anything could happen next! Try not to hold back.


You will feel like you have heavy burdens to carry this week! You will have lots to do, and also obligations and commitments to honour. You may even feel like something is your fault and this will weigh heavily on your mind. If you have a heavy workload, then try not to feel down, instead, start time management and enjoying achieving your daily goals.


You may feel a little sad this week as someone may be moving out of your life, or you could feel disappointed because something you have wanted to happen is not going to happen! Try and look at all the things you have in your life, rather than the things which you don’t. If you can do this and change your focus, then you will see everything is happening for the best.


Someone from your past will come back into your life this week, this will be a lovely surprise! Memories will flood to you all this week, you will be thinking back to times gone by and the people who were in your life then. You can’t turn back the clock, but you can remember! Do not live in the past but do think how the past has brought you to where you are today!


You will be hard working this week! This may seem a bit dull, but you will find that the work you are doing is actually something that you enjoy! Get as much done as you can as the energy this week will make you want to be busy and successful! You may be thinking about enrolling on a course ready for winter if so, this is the ideal time to do so.


You may feel on edge this week, you will sense something is about to happen even if you are not sure what it is! This feeling may be uncomfortable, but if you watch and listen you could see what you have been missing. Challenges come in all shapes and sizes, but for you this week, your challenge will be intellectual or a battle of wills!


You will feel pulled in two directions this week, and you may feel unsure which way you should go. You may also realise that you have double booked yourself or that the week you planned to have off work has already been taken! All this may make you feel unsure of yourself, which will slow you down even more. Try and take a step back!


This week foresight will be your greatest gift! If you begin the week prepared to be flexible and to follow your feelings, then you could have an unforgettable week! If you stick determinedly to your plans you may feel frustrated! Keep flexible, try out new ways of doing things and you will see that your prospects improve greatly.


You are ready to put a situation behind you at long last and move on! But, you would like some answers, be careful that you do not become caught up in the past when you try and find out what happened, it may be best simply to draw a line in the sand and move on! There is no going back, so set your sites forward and don’t look back!