Tarotscopes 1st April 2018 April 01 2018

Here are this week's Tarotscopes!  I hope you enjoy them. 

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Hold on to what you have this week! It seems that perhaps you have forgotten to value all you have, and you may have been reaching for new and expensive things! Of course, it is good to stretch yourself and to try and improve your circumstances but beware that in trying for more that you do not end up with less! This is a good week to invest in what you have.


You may feel a little overwhelmed this week, like you are fighting a battle within your own mind! You may have a lot of things to do, but you could be unsure where to begin or perhaps you have more time on your hands than normal and you will begin overthinking and stressing over things which really don’t matter. Try and prioritise then keep your mind and body active!


You may feel like you have everything under control! You will have plans made and ideas of how to complete the tasks you have been assigned – or that you have assigned yourself. As long as you stick to your plan you will reach your goals, but if you become distracted then everything will go pear shaped and you will feel quite stressed. Try and be organised and authoritative.


You may be feeling restless, like you know there is much more for you but you do not know where or what it is!  Try not to resist this restless feeling, instead do something with this energy! You could find this week becomes exciting and adventurous as long as your restless energy is channelled into action! If left this energy could become anxious.


You will find that your mind will keep drifting back to the past! You will feel like you are experiencing déjà vu at times as history seems to be repeating itself. The memories which will be springing into your mind will hold the key as to what is holding you back, examine your thoughts and then release them. This is an excellent week to begin a new job.


Are you considering learning something new or adding to your existing skills with some further training? If so, then this week expect to be inspired! You will find that you stumble across a golden opportunity as long as you are open to receiving! This week, you will accomplish a lot as you will keep your head down and finish the jobs you have been struggling with.


This week you would be well advised to look within to find the answers to your current situation! Your thoughts and emotions create a lot of your reality, so, if you still your mind and listen to the thoughts which are happening automatically, you will learn how you really view your life and yourself! It sounds deep, but it simply means be still and listen!


Expect some disruption this week, it seems there will be chaos in the air around you! However, it will be fun! In finding you need to improvise and use your initiative you will awaken a hidden talent you have forgotten you have! Do not fear the changes to come, they will remove the mundane and allow you to enjoy being you!


Although financially you may have overspent a little, this week you will find that you have a run of luck which makes up for the dent in your cash flow! You will feel blessed as what you want simply happens for you and life will seem to flow well. Keep being optimistic, even better things are coming to you. Enjoy this week, make and sure you balance work with play!


It is time that you took the lead in your own life! This week, if you start to show others that you know the way forward through working at your plans and using your knowledge, you will find that everyone does all they can to assist you. This is a time to be a little cautious though, try not to take risks, it is more a time for slow and steady progress with you leading the way.


A messenger is coming who bears good news! If you have applied for a loan or other finance, or if you have had medical tests then look out for a positive response! Try and enjoy yourself this week. Wearing spring colours will lift your mood even if there is a distinct chill in the air. Be happy, things are finally getting better, and this week you will receive the knowledge you seek.


You may feel angry this week, it seems a long-held frustration will rear its head and you will decide enough is enough again, until the next time! This week try and express yourself, if something is annoying you, or if someone is ignoring you then make sure your thoughts and feelings are heard! Being persistent will bring you the results you seek!