Tarotscopes 19-5-19 May 19 2019

The Tarotscopes are back! I hope you enjoy your forecast for the week! 



You will receive a message of good news this week, which relates to your finances. This will give you a big boost, and although it is not a large amount of money, it will bring more security which is something you value. Try and get in touch with your inner child this week, play, have fun and express your love for life and our planet in simple ways.


You may feel limited this week, for some this will mean a virus or infection for others outside pressures like work hours or finances will be restricting. Try not to worry, like everything this phase will come and go and by next week you will be feeling much freer. Try and open your eyes to all the possibilities which surround you, there is much more to life than what you have now!


A wonderful week lies ahead for you, one in which you will get the chance to shine. You will feel happy and have a great sense of well-being. This week is one in which you should plan to do all the things you have been putting off, as your high energy will make even the dullest chores seem fun. Crank the radio up, smile and sing along whenever you can!


Have you been thinking of getting advice from a doctor, lawyer or another type of professional person? If so, then this is the week to do so. Any advice sought this week will bring a positive outcome. A gentleman who is a father figure in your life will be fun to be around, he too will give advice, do not be too proud to listen and take it on board.


This is a great week for romance and new beginnings. If you are just beginning a relationship, then you will find you are connecting quickly. New business ideas or a change in your work will be beneficial, sometimes a change is all you need to restore your emotional balance and put a bounce back in your step.


You may struggle this week, you could feel like the world has turned against you as every way you turn you will meet resistance. Try and avoid adopting a victim mentality, the more positive you feel and behave the quicker you will be able to turn this week around. When you hit obstacles, stop and think, could I do this differently?


You will feel like Lady Luck is walking by your side this week. You will get unexpected breaks, you will be in the right place at the right time and you will feel blessed every single day. Occasionally, you will feel like fate has stepped in to correct your path, if you follow your inspired guidance then you will not put a foot wrong, but if you mentally challenge it, you may lose out.


You will find this week that your home is a haven of domestic bliss! You may have had upheavals recently, and you may have changes to come, but this week, you will slip into the comfort of your family life and your home. This will feel unusual to you, you are a deep thinker, but the simple pleasure of being at home will be wonderful for once!


You will be faced with some choices this week, and too many choices are worse than feeling there are none at all! Of course, there are always choices, and you are not one to resist a challenge. Aim high, take on the hard path and work towards your goal. If you can do this rather than accept the easy option, you will be boosted to the next level. All things spiritual are highlighted.


You may be expecting a resolution to an issue this week, but unfortunately, things will still be left up in the air. It is very frustrating when you want answers, but none are forthcoming, but this week you will need to be patient and remember no news is good news! If you have an inspired idea, make a note of it and look into it when you get time.


Are you looking for a new job? If so, this week you will find what you are looking for! This is a great week for new beginnings in all areas of your life, but the energy is specifically directed in the area of your work or your business. If you are not feeling restless, then you will get the opportunity to try something new, taking a chance will pay off.


This week, joining forces with someone else who shares a mutual goal with you will be beneficial. You may want to diet, exercise, try out yoga or quit smoking, but doing it in league with someone else will be your key to success. Doing things alone is fine, but doing them with company is much easier and more fun.