Tarotscopes 18th March 18 March 18 2018

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You will learn this week that all connections with other people require an equal amount of give and take! This is something that you will know, but, often it is easy to assume the position of power and believe that your demands are correct and in the best interests of others. This week expect rebellion, and if you are wise you will step back and think have I been a little too pushy!


You need a to take a little break, you have been driving yourself too hard and in doing so you may have found you are prone to illness or infections. It may not be possible for you to step back totally, but creating a break in your schedule for some relaxation, focusing more on your diet and pampering yourself will strengthen your position rather than weakening it!


Your hopes and dreams have been a little buried in Winter gloom recently, but this week you will find your light will be restored and you will suddenly regain your motivation and desire for success. This week will be a turning point for you and it could be the best week of the year so far, as long as you work with the energy and fight any lingering doubts.


How do you feel about yourself? This week take a long look in the mirror, you will realise that what you think you are or look like is not really what others see! This will be a revelation, as once you understand this your confidence and your self esteem will soar! This week you will feel better than you have done for sometime. A man bearing good news will appear unexpectedly.


Are you really being true to yourself? Perhaps you are convincing yourself that what you are doing is the right thing for you, when deep inside you know differently! This week consider your actions, what would really make you happy?  It seems you are forcing yourself down one path but perhaps your true happiness lies in another direction? This is a week to think.


Everything is up in the air around you! News is on its way, but it seems a long time coming! The energy is very unsettled as the week begins, some things which you do not want to face will keep rearing up and they will continue to do so until you address the matter succinctly. This week be bold, if you feel you are being treated badly say so! Stand up for yourself and do not hide from your past.


This week you will want to stay at home and be very nurturing to your family and yourself. You have great gifts and sometimes using those gifts in your home and on your own life will restore you to full health and strength. If you are having a small procedure completed this week, don’t worry, you will heal faster by staying warm and cosy and relaxing!


You will feel on top of the world this week! Finally, you will know your plans are in place and that you can move forward with confidence. Nothing will faze you, you will step through the week knowing that all will be perfect! Keep this feeling of success deep within you, this week will be spectacular and as the energy fades you should still be aware that you can do anything you put your mind to! 


You will charge through this week and those who stand in your way will be left floundering in your wake! You will be self-assured and situations which have been repeating or people who have been trying to push you into a corner begin again, you will be ready to finally say NO MORE! You will lack sensitivity this week, but also, you will get the job done!


 Events of the previous few weeks will have left you a little unbalanced, and now you are ready to restore your natural equilibrium. You may have been feeling down or depressed, anxious or just not right, but if you start to focus on yourself, your own needs and start to watch your diet, increase your water consumption and walk in the fresh air, soon you will see your spirits lift and order being restored in your life.


You will find that an outspoken lady may be an influence in your life this week, she may be only loosely connected to you, such as a client at work or a friend of a friend, but she will leave her mark on you! Perhaps, what she is saying is right? This week keep an open mind, anything is possible for you but only if you are willing to be flexible.


You will have a competent no nonsense approach to life this week, and this new attitude will help you to make great progress. But, are you sure of your direction? A lot of people are drifting at the moment, lacking direction and unsure of what they are to expect next. Take time to actually decide what you want, from that point you can make the most of the energy and begin to manifest.