Tarotscopes 18-02-18 February 18 2018

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You may feel a little concerned that your past is about to catch up with you! Most of you will not have anything to hide, but a repeat performance of a situation which you have endured in the past is not something you would relish! If you are feeling this way, try and assess what you have done which has triggered this fear.


It would be lovely to be able to take a holiday, to jet off to a warm and sunny land! But, you probably are stuck in your routine and this week you may be feeling a little down! Something is pressing on your mind, and the more you think about this, the more emotionally drained you are becoming. Try and detach mentally and emotionally this week, nothing significant will change, but, you will feel so much better!


You will have a few choices to make this week, these may seem small matters but what you decide now will set your course for the next chapter of your life. Think about everything carefully, try and visualise how your life will be if you choose one path rather than another. Paying attention to detail will make your choices easier. If you are a lightworker, be careful that you do not overstretch yourself.


This could be a difficult week for you, you may feel like you are being picked on or victimised by others or by circumstances. It is unlikely that this is the case, but the way you are feeling is making you think that you are not good enough to reach your goals. Try and have more faith in yourself. You are as good as the next person! If you have faith in yourself then this week you can turn things around.


This week you will feel as if you can do anything and be whatever you want to be! This, of course, is the truth, but, normally self-imposed reservations such as I am too old, too overweight, too inexperienced and more limit your self-belief. This week, you will be free of limitations and you will really believe in your own abilities. A great week lies ahead!


Very soon, you will be offered the chance to become involved in a new project or enterprise. This will be a big chance for you to develop your potential and start to reach your goals. Right now, you may be feeling a little lost as if you have no direction but hang in there! This new beginning will change everything, and you will be glad that you waited!  


You may be feeling frustrated and perhaps a little afraid because of a situation which is beyond your control. It seems that this event is happening to someone close to you and you feel like you are not helping out enough! The truth is there is nothing for you to do but wait. You will get the opportunity to help in coming weeks, but for now, your support is exactly what is needed.


You will be very busy this week, you have a lot to do and many of you will be working on a very tight deadline. As long as you plan properly, you will get everything done on time! Praise yourself each evening as you tick of all on your to do list. As the week progresses you will begin to realise that you are going to really make it!


As the fieriest sign of the zodiac, it is not unusual for you to overdo things and knock yourself out of balance! This week your natural balance will be restored, and any lingering illness or worries will fade away. Finally, you will see that your goal is in reach, and as the week ends you will feel very positive that next week will bring you very positive news.


You may have felt like you have been battling against the wind this week! That is exactly what you have been doing! Things have changed since this year has begun and yet you are determinedly holding on to old values and ideals. It is time for you to move with the times. This may mean that you give up on fighting the losing battle that you are involved with and beginning again.


You may feel on edge this week. You will feel like there is an unseen energy around you or that you are being watched! The cause of this distress seems to lie within a situation from your past when you felt uncomfortable, this may have been when you were a child! It is time to move on from the past and realise that you are in charge of your own energy and destiny.


It seems that you may have disturbed a hornet’s nest! A lady who is blunt and to the point will set her sights on you and you may have to eat some humble pie in order to calm her down!  Of course, not all of you will have upset a woman, but most of you will have disturbed something which would have best left to lie. This week be honest, if you are then everything will settle down nicely in the end.